Mayweather-Ortiz post-fight press conference *VIDEO*

Floyd Mayweather Jr. talks with the press following his fourth round knockout of 24-year-old Victor Ortiz.

“Vicious” Victor Ortiz and Floyd Mayweather Jr. answer questions from the press following their WBC welterweight title fight Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday night in Las Vegas. Mayweather was visibly emotional during the press conference, at times using a towel to wipe the tears from his eyes.

Ortiz wants a rematch and Mayweather says he will give him one. Ortiz does not seem angry or noticeably upset about the ending, but he did say he did not think it was fair. From Mayweather’s perspective a fighter is supposed to protect themselves at all times.

Most critics seem to be agreeing that what Mayweather did was technically legal but also classless. The Ortiz camp said they will be reviewing the tape before they decide whether or not to file an official protest. Mayweather sticks to his guns about Larry Merchant saying HBO should get rid of him.

Of course, the man Mayweather calls “his boy” and “best friend”, rapper 50 Cent, sat beside the champ throughout the press conference. He has been a constant presence in the Mayweather camp throughout the fighter’s preparation for this bout.

MMA fight fans will recognize the voice asking Victor Ortiz a question at the 10:00 mark in the first video below. It is none other than former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz who asks Victor what would he do differently in a rematch with Mayweather.

Victor Ortiz post-fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr. post-fight

If you still haven’t seen what happened you can view the controversial ending and Mayweather’s exchange with Merchant here: Mayweather KO’s Ortiz with suckerpunch *VIDEO* and read our live play-by-play analysis as it all unfolded here: Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Victor Ortiz LIVE results and play-by-play.

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  • Lot’s of hate for Mayweather, but his punch was legal. Everyone wants to forget that Ortiz was cheap and actually head butted him. What do you think?

    POLL: Was Mayweather’s KO against Ortiz a cheap shot?

  • I am curious. Why isn’t Ortiz upset if that was such a cheap shot from Mayweather? Because, it wasn’t! HBO should be the one blamed for making people believe this fight had a chance to be close. After reading this article, your opinion might change on Mayweather.

  • Why isn’t Ortiz upset? Because he’s a fighter and he knows he got what he deserved to be honest. What Ortiz did was actually illegal and he cut Mayweather’s lip with that head butt. He threw another head butt earlier in the fight that was less obvious. It’s true that it was a “cheap” shot from Mayweather, however, it was legal at least. Ortiz did say though that he thought it was unfair and that he wants a rematch but I don’t think he was angry at Floyd. I thought the fight was close enough…. and Ortiz was still in the fight. That flurry he threw before the head butt was vicious and it was only the fourth round. If he connected on something big he still had plenty of opportunity to hurt Floyd.

  • Clint

    To be honest I think Ortiz got what he deserved . He threw the headbutt intentionally cutting Mayweather. I dont think he deserves a rematch he was lost out there against Mayweather. As has been said what was Floyd supposed to do wait for Ortiz to put his hands up and throw thre first punch at him. Floyd is a Champion and came to fight Ortiz came to fight dirty and got beat simple.

  • erick

    what the hell fight was that yes man leonard ellerbee watching? great? exciting? uh no…..floyd if you have the talent to beat this guy why did you do it dirty?? i want to see you get your block knocked off and its going to happen, not because im racist, im black! but because youre an asshole floyd and watching you pick up your teeth is over due…..

  • erick

    oh and floyd? when they say manny pacquiao? they say:

    He is the first eight-division world champion; having won ten world titles and the first to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes.He is also a three-time The Ring and BWAA “Fighter of the Year”, winning the award in 2006, 2008, and 2009!!

  • Jan

    Regardless It didn’t look good on both fighters. Well see how Mayweather take on Paquio. Oh, I just remembered, he didn’t want to fight Paquio, he was giving all the excuses in the world.

  • TKO

    Erick give me a break. In case you didn’t watch the damn fight, Ortiz made the only (illegal) dirty move in the ring last night. The was never close, Mayweather was clearly light years ahead of this kid. The flurry of punches before the headbutt didn’t even connect. Replay cleary showed it. No I don’t agree w/ everything Floyd does, but the truth is this guy is one of the most skilled boxers ever…

  • dayo

    i dont know this guy(floyd) is this intelligent. ortiz is just rambling and i guess he doesn’t know what it means to be in the ring. for the journalist that boasted he would have kicked floyd ass if he was younger, i guess he can put his son or possibly grand son forward to fight floyd.
    i cant believe ortiz headbutt is being been glossed over by the reporters, totally unprofessional.
    but watch it floyd, cos like u said ‘what goes around comes around’.

  • memek

    I reckon we have three stooges in the ring:

    Ortiz – instigator by doing the illegal head butt
    Cortez – the referee who wasn’t looking at the fighters, he could have at least made the two stand at each corner until he finished what ever he was doing.
    Mayweather – the “super pro” behaving a “class less” act

    Three stooges.

    The public want a good fight, not clowns.

  • tony

    I jus dnt get y people hate mayweather so much he talks trash jus like ali but people says he is the greatest off all times but lost several bouts an plain gut beat by fraizer an all this fuss about manny nonoe finds it odd that this guy was getting his ass whooped earlier in his career getting knocked out an robbing marquez an morales off fights they should’ve won an y do people think he can beat mayweather if floyd realeases his handes the way he did on ortiz an walks toward many he will destroy him he is way quicker.they say floyd id ducking him an giving out all these excuses he says but one thing take the test he like me is curios as to how manny got this strong all of sudden noone was saying he hit that hard years aga what is the sudden change he jus asks that manny take the test I knw u guys hate floyd because he is rich an cocky but the truth is .One more thing watch manny vs marquez then watch floyd vs marquez an be honest with yourselves can manny really beat floyd

  • deemonyo

    he can’t believe manny came and started knocking opponents out, bigger or smaller ones. floyd’s pursue of manny taking the test to even the field clearly shows he is afraid and he knows he has something to worry about if he fights manny. subconsciously he thinks manny’s physical condition is unhuman and is impossible without drugs. but hey, from day one manny obliged to what is required by the boxing committee. he does not have the right to make rules just like that specially if he is fighting an upscale opponent just like himself. manny’s camp does not want to take the test for a very simple reason–mayweather does not have the right to dictate what should be done or what rules should be followed. it is someone else’s job, not floyd’s camp and not manny’s camp either.

  • Nich

    Floy, u r bad manner. u kno u loss Ortiz, so u do like this. Shit