Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Victor Ortiz results and play-by-play

Twenty-four-year-old “Vicious” Victor Ortiz defends his WBC Welterweight Title this evening against Floyd Mayweather Jr., 34,  at  the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. If you saw the weigh-ins you already know this thing got heated and these guys do not like one another which should make for some good action if Mayweather engages like many think he will.

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WBC Welterweight Championship
Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Victor Ortiz

Round 1 – Right hand from Ortiz. Ortiz connects with a left. Floyd with a nice right. Floyd defends well as Ortiz throws a combo. Right hand behind the head from Ortiz. Left hand from Ortiz. Floyd with a jab, misses a hook. Left hand from Floyd. Pretty close round. Mayweather 10-9.

Round 2 – Left counter from Floyd. Right hook from Floyd. Left hand from Ortiz. Jabs from Mayweather. Jabs from Floyd, body right. Left counter from Ortiz. Slips an Ortiz right hook. Nice right from Floyd. Ortiz attacks in close, ref separates them. Ortiz with a right and a left to the body. Big left to the body. Right from Floyd, again. Right hook to the body from Ortiz. In close and they exchange. Mayweather 10-9.

Round 3 – Replay showed some nice rights from Mayweather. Three lefts from Floyd. Body shot from Ortiz, bouncing and springing in. Floyd is real now and a lot different when he’s in front of you. Left to the body from Ortiz. Jabs from Mayweather. Nice right counters from Floyd. One two from Floyd. Two rights. Right from Ortiz on the chin. Right from Floyd. Mayweather shakes his head know as he makes Ortiz hit nothing but shoulders. Floyd lands a couple nice counters and appears to be on another level technically. 10-9 Mayweather.

Round 4 – Replay shows a beautiful right from Mayweather. Right and a one two from Floyd. He hurts Ortiz with a combination of punishment. Ortiz covers up and fires back with his own combo. Left hook from Floyd, a right, uppercut, beautiful shots from Floyd. Ortiz fires back with big shots but Floyd makes him miss most of them. Left to the body from Ortiz. Ortiz misses a huge left. Mayweather stalking. Right hand. The old man is stalking the youngster. One two from Floyd. Ortiz fires back with a huge combo huge combo and Ortiz throws a VERY intentional head butt. The ref stops it. OMG OMG OMG OMG — They go to touch hands and Floyd hits him with basically a sucker punch and Ortiz goes down — it was a bitch slap and he hit him again and Ortiz goes out. Holy holy smokes guys. Ortiz was out cold.

They had restarted the fight after the head butt. They hugged it out and as Ortiz starts to back up Mayweather hit him with a left hook and then a right hand. The referee was not even looking. He had restarted the fight but was looking at the time man to start the clock (or something). HUGE CONTROVERSY GUYS but they rule it a KO for Floyd at 2:59.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Floyd Mayweather Jr. def. Victor Ortiz by knockout (punches) Rd 4 2:59

Mayweather said he got hit with a dirty shot and it’s protect yourself at all times and he ended the bout. Ortiz took a dirty shot with the head butt and Floyd got him back. As they watch the replay Floyd said it was “Protect yourself at all times. He did something dirty. Mayweather talks crap to Larry Merchant, says he will never give him “a fair shake” and says HBO needs to fire him. Merchant says, “I wish I was 50 years younger and I’d kick your ass.”  Bottom line is Ortiz did try to head butt him first. The replay is hilarious because the ref’s mouth is wide open we he noticed Ortiz was out.  Oh man, this is almost pro wrestling-esque tonight. I really still can’t believe what I saw.

Here’s the video of the ending:

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