Nick Diaz: “I’ve never not shown up to a fight”

You heard the news earlier today that Dana White and the UFC decided to pull Nick Diaz from his UFC 137 title bout with Georges St. Pierre due to missing a couple of press conferences. Well it appears that Nick Diaz is alive and safe as he released a video on his Youtube account stating that he had been at the airport trying to catch a flight to the press conference. However, he never fully explains why he was unable to make the flight. He also states that he is ready to fight anyone and that he has never pulled out of a fight in his life. Check it all out below:

Wow. It’s the usual Diaz that rambles on and on without saying a whole lot. It’s clear that he still wants to fight St. Pierre but isn’t aware of all that comes with the territory of being in a high profile fight it seems.

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