The Vidonic Chronicles: Fireman workout

"Little" Patricia training in a high elevation mask.

Hope everyone enjoyed my last blog about the youngsters here at The Grinder’s Grindhouse. Oh and a young ladies life I was able to touch a couple years back at some fights in Klamath Falls, Ore.

Young, old, fighter or not; I am very honored to be a positive influence in so many peoples lives. I have been putting in a lot of solid work and I am feeling 100% prepared. I am fighting Avery Vilche October 1 in North Carolina for BlackEye PromotionsBreast Cancer Beatdown. The event will be held at the Western North Carolina Agriculture Center in Fletcher, NC. This will be a great night!!

I received my newest mouth guard this last week also from Damage Control. The new material has 150% more shock absorbency; the design is sick, it looks sweet and feels perfect. Thanks Delano!!

A couple weeks back I had an opportunity to be apart of something very exciting and fun at the Billings Fire Dept. Station 2. My coach/husband (my rock) worked out all the details a month or   so ago because we found out there is only 1 female fire fighter here.

My coach decided to find out about me going down to meet Bri, the lady hero, and swap workouts for a day. Since we are both women in a male dominate profession, it sounded like a great idea. He thought it would be cool for her to come to the gym and do one of my cardio/conditioning workouts and maybe a little training one day. And another day I can go down to the fire station with the training tower and do some of their physical testing.

It was sweet and Marky was able to go with us. We got to meet local heroes, got a tour of the fire house, got to ride in the bucket and I got to run their qualifying course. I did it once, then couldn’t resist to do it a second time; it was so fun and a really good workout.

Now all that is left is to get Bri down to the gym for some MMA training. She is not only a local hero, but an athlete herself. Right now she is training for a triathlon. She will be coming into the gym in the near future, after she kicks butt on her triathlon. So please stay tuned and check out my blogs for the rest of this story.

I have an awesome supporter who sent me some training gear, Tom I am very grateful. He got me an elevation training mask, a new 20lb weighted vest, tape, gauze and hand wraps. I love the mask so much, it makes me feel like I am growing a third lung. LOL =) I haven’t used the easiest attachment since the first day. My coach has a great routine for me with it. I got the mask on Thursday of last week and I have used it 6 times now (it’s Wed. morning). Can’t wait to do work at sea level in a month!! Woo Hoo North Carolina here I come!!

I want to thank Jack Bratcher, and the Billings Fire Department. All of my family, friends, and fans who support me, Horse Nomad, and Tom. I love all of you!!

I also want to thank my sponsors ~ Damage Control MouthguardsFight SoapFailures No OptionSuper Body Care, Level Terrain ~ I am always seeking more sponsorships, so if you would like your company represented with respect and integrity please contact us at

“Little” Patricia


“Little” Patricia Vidonic chronicled her journey to winning the Beatdown MMA women’s 110-pound title in her “Road to the Championship Blog”. Now that Patricia has achieved that goal, readers can follow The Vidonic Chronicles” as she prepares for her next fight and continues her journey toward becoming the top 110-pound female MMA fighter in the world.

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