Jason “Mayhem” Miller arrested for allegedly putting his sister in a headlock

It sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit: UFC fighter puts woman in a headlock, won’t let her go and gets arrested.

But that is basically what apparently happened in North Carolina last week.

According to TMZ UFC middleweight Jason “Mayhem” Miller was at a house party in North Carolina with his sister, and for whatever reason she wanted to leave and he did not want her to go so he put her in a headlock.

Eventually she busted free from the grips of the Bully Beatdown star and filed a report with the Chatham County Sheriff who had Miller arrested for simple assault and false imprisonment.

Miller has since posted bail and has been released.

Miller will serve as coach opposite Michael Bisping on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter on Spike TV.

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  • edub

    It might be a stupid charge, but somebody with a history of charges shouldn’t be putting people in headlocks. Especially if it was tight enough for his sister to press charges.

    Definitely an odd situation though.

  • Kelvin Hunt

    The hell he doing in Chatham county….where in Chatham county? I work in Chatham county(one of three) and there’s like…NOTHING there…

  • Mike Menninger

    Kelvin… apparently he’s getting arrested for giving his sis a noogie!

  • Kelvin Hunt

    Just found out his sister works at a MMA gym in near here…I bet these charges will be dropped.

  • edub

    You gotta wonder why she decided to file charges for a “headlock” in the first place. Gotta be something deeper going on.