Does Ronda Rousey have what it takes to change Dana White’s mind?


It’s no secret that Dana White has a stance that some would call anti-woman. And if he doesn’t feel like that is his stance, well I’m sure there are many who will disagree. As an African American male who comes from a lineage of people who have been denied opportunities and a fair shake historically, I don’t see why in this day and age that we still are arguing about women competing in the UFC.

I’m sure there is a business side to it and a long-term approach to the whole thing that I’m not aware of as I don’t sit at that table with the big shots at Zuffa, but since I don’t…. well…. I’m not writing from that perspective then now am I?


I’m writing from the perspective of the person who has sat at the sports bar, has trained in the dojo, has bought a ticket and sat in the stands and hears the cries and pleas for women to grace the UFC stage.

And guess what?


Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey.

Gina Carano

I need not tell you who Gina Carano is. She oozes sexiness, media dollars and has a following that some of UFC top names also share. In a room of fighters, there is certainly no shortage of cameras in her face. And I’m sure that many of us would love to see her in the Octagon in the UFC. Gina has good hands, a decent grappling game and would be perfect for a UFC debut, especially coming off of the marketing hype of her starring role in Haywire.

Ronda Rousey

Okay, now let’s talk about the REAL DEAL when it comes to female MMA. (sidenote: no disrespect Cyborg, but your pedigree doesn’t even come close).

My Olympic teammate Ronda Rousey IS THE BEST female fighter that the MMA world has seen. No doubt, she is still a little green and she’s still learning but she loves the sport and in the next 6 to 9 months she’s going to be pretty much unstoppable. I mean, anybody can get “caught” but Ronda’s grappling, groundwork and overall professionalism is unparalleled.

I would love to run down her resume but we don’t have all day. I’ll just say this: 2007 Silver Medalist at the World Judo Championships, 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist, 2-Time Olympian and multiple time National Judo Champion.

Ronda is beautiful, well-spoken, not camera shy and talks a little trash from time to time which is good for television.

There is NO better individual to start off the UFC Women’s Initiative than these two.

(soft hint here Mr. White: A 4 Women Tournament with Cyborg, Jan Finney, Carano, and Rousey would be a welcomed addition to the UFC).

Even Ronda wants Gina!

Dana White

Mr. White, I’ve met you on several occasions. YOU ARE VERY VERY SMART. I have the highest respect for you as a business person, entrepreneur and an overall “get-it-done-guy.” And all I’m saying is this… YOU AND I KNOW THAT YOU CAN GET THIS DONE.

In the beginning stages I was not a big fan of the female fight game either, but the talent pool is growing and let’s be real brother… the talent pool on the men’s side wasn’t so hot UNTIL you spearheaded the growth of the sport and now we have a “Jon Jones.”

You can grow this sport in this direction. It’s the right thing to do. Not allowing women to fight is no different than not allowing “latinos” to fight. It’s NOT THE RIGHT thing to do. If its good enough for Strikeforce, its good enough for the UFC.

Do something that the NFL, NHL, and Boxing never could possibly do.

Create a real professional hard core outlet for women athletes.

And let 2 beautiful people do it for you.

Ronda Rousey Vs. Gina Carano.

The World Is Waiting…….. with their wallets open :-)

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  • If the UFC signed Ronda, I would start watching again. The past few years I’ve really lost interest in the MMA game and I was on board from the start.

  • Haha yeah! Great argument and Ms. Rousey is damn fun to watch!

  • No doubt Carano and Rousy would be a ratings bonanza…but there’s absolutely no way one can overlook what Cyborg has accomplished in MMA compared to Rousy…when Rousy wins about 3-4 more fights…then one might can argue that she’s one of the best with some validity.

  • edub

    Agree Kelvin.

    I think it’s a good attempt at hyping Rousey, but to think she’d be ready for the best woman currently fighting in MMA in 6 months is a little bit crazy IMO.

    Also I don’t really understand the thought that Rousey vs. Carano would be HUGE in PPV dollars. Is it because it’s two attractive women fighting? Because Rousey has no name value with the casual fan, and Carano is two years removed from competing (and the last time she was seen getting blasted by Cyborg). The only thing I can see selling the fight right now is if Gina’s movie does well at the box office.

  • To have an Olympic Medalist in Women’s MMA is huge. In five fights not a single one has even gone one minute. Her fight next month should give us a good indication of how fast she’s progressing. I do see her being the title holder whether it’s 6 months or 2 years.

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  • drunkdaddy69

    everyone is missing the whole point. yes it would be a draw. but you cant make a div. w/ 1 FIGHT! you cant make a whole women’s division with a handful of fighters. DANA said when there are enough good female fighters he will add a female division. so its really up to the women.

  • madmaxej9

    I totally agree about ronda’s skill set. the problem is that the division(s) is to small right now to really make it marketable and that’s the only reason dana has not jumped on this train yet. Ronda would kill Gina, probably in another first round victory and with a little more experience she’d also have a good shot at beating Cyborg.

    The question is what’s after that…let’s imagine you really had a tournament! after destroying everyone in round one there’s nothing left and there are no more big fights left that would generate some serious cash flow! the best thing for ronda would be to fight gina and then try to push back a fight with cyborg as long as possible (or at least up to the point where womens mma gets some serious attention in the media)

    I’m sure ronda would be more than interested in collecting a nice paycheck from a fight with another top ranked girl, but that’s not gonna happen if she fights the top girls too soon (regardless of her skills)

    anyways will be interesting to see what happens – I keep my fingers crossed for ronda!

  • Anon

    Its funny how you’re all for equality but then the first pictures you show of them are glamour shots. If this was an article about rasah evans would you post a glamour shot of him, or a still shot of him KOing someone? You answered your own question without even realising it.

  • I love Gina Canaro!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think that she will try to be change the dana white mind.This Person has always accept to Anti-woman minds,