Chael Sonnen rips on Wanderlei and Anderson Silva; gives thoughts on Marquardt

Chael Sonnen is back in more ways than one. Now that he is cleared to fight again, the Oregon political aspirant unleashes a barrage of insults and often humorous anecdotes in this nearly 20-minute sit down interview with master mic-man Ariel Helwani.

From his mythical tale of when the Nogueira brothers first arrived in the U.S. to his detailed description of performing a hypothetical hit on Wanderlei Silva in the middle of the night, Sonnen reminds the MMA world, when it comes to trash talk there is not even a close second.

Since this interview was filmed it was announced Sonnen will be fighting Brian Stann next. Sonnen does not mention Stann in this interview, but one can imagine it is only a matter of time before the verbal shots begin to fire.

Other subjects Sonnen covers here include his claim that Japan’s Pride Fighting Championships’ fights were all works, Anderson Silva, his opinion of Georges St-Pierre, his thoughts on the Nate Marquardt situation with testosterone replacement therapy and much more. If you watch only one interview this month, this should be it.

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  • That loss to the “Spider” caused all that. He simply can’t get over that. He forgot a saying that we have here in Brazil:

    “For many the ground is the limit for us is just the beginning”

    I’d like to see Sonnen in UFC 134 in Rio to see if he is man to make all those declarations about Brazil and our fighters. Easy to say things when you are thousands of miles away. why don’t you come and say those things to our faces here in Brazil Mr. Sonnen

  • Eric

    Greatest interview ever and it is nice to hear someone speak the truth about Pride and how fake it was.