The Ulysses Gomez experiment: If you think you know, you have no idea

If you think you know, you have no idea.

Ulysses Gomez (pictured) is expected to fight Drew Bittner on Aug. 5 at Tachi Palace Fights 10 in Lemoore, Calif.

Some of you might know who I am, for those of you who don’t know who I am, here’s a quick rundown on me. I’m the former Tachi Palace Flyweight Champ… wait did I just write that? FORMER? Yeah I guess I just did, I still can’t believe that I lost my last fight and my belt to go with it.

I got beat fair and square; no two ways about it, but man I still can’t believe that I lost. I thought that once I got the belt that I was going to hold it forever or until I got the chance to move to the UFC.

Well things didn’t go as planned and Anthony Robbins says it best, “When people succeed, they celebrate. When they fail, they ponder. They stop and think, What happened here? What could I have done differently?”

So here I am, pondering how I lost my last fight and my belt to go with it. Did I train hard enough? My cardio felt good, so that can’t be it. What happened? I didn’t feel like myself in the cage, did the weight cut have an effect on me? Naw that can’t be it, I mean I’ve cut more weight than that before.

Why did I lose? Was he just that much better than me? Maybe he was, but as a fighter I CANNOT accept that as the reason why I lost. But the tragic part is that even though I can’t accept him being better than me, he was better than me that night. He fought great and kicked my butt from pillar to post; I have to give him credit for winning the fight.

I HATE to lose but it’s part of the game; it’s probably the hardest part to get used to it. They say if you fight the top guys in your division you’re bound to lose a fight. But still, it’s hard to come to grips with a loss. I think because as a fighter… no, as a MAN, you don’t want to admit that someone else is better than you.

I didn’t lose the fight, I just ran out of time….. yeah that’s it.

But I’m more than just a professional MMA fighter; if you ask different people you will get different answers of who I am.

If you ask my mom she’ll say that “I’m her baby.” Yeah I’ll admit it I’m a Mom’s boy. If you ask people who follow soccer they will tell you “He’s Herculez Gomez’s younger brother.” If you ask my supervisor at work he’ll say “he’s the guy who never smiles or shaves.” Speaking of which, that reminds me that I have to shave for work tonight.

Everyone has a different perception of who I am and most people don’t really know what I’m about. Heck most of the people that I work with don’t know that I even fight MMA. They assume because I’m Mexican that I must play soccer like my older brother.

So who am I? Man I feel like Derek Zoolander right now asking that question. Well I honestly don’t know anymore. My goal in these next couple of weeks is to give you an insight into my world, and hopefully we’ll be able to find out who I am because right now I’m not actually sure.

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“The Ulysses Gomez Experiment” will be an ongoing weekly blog series written by world top 10 ranked flyweight Ulysses Gomez as he prepares for his Aug. 5 fight at Tachi Palace Fights 10. “The Ulysses Gomez Experiment” is part of our ongoing series of exclusive content written by individuals involved in the mixed martial arts industry.

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