The Rampage Diaries – UFC 130 part 1

Rampage Jackson. Julia Budd. Two characters you wouldn’t necessarily think would be hanging out together. But here they are nonetheless. Somehow Rampage has arranged it so Miss Budd could be cooking his meals. I have no idea how you arrange something like that, but it probably has to do with the Dolce Diet.

So yeah, Quinton has a fight coming up with Matt Hamill. Rumor has it that Page is wanting to get out of fighting and move on with his life, do some acting, maybe comedy. Let’s face it, Quinton is an entertainer and that’s a natural fit for him. He’s been performing in front of fans for years.

The real question is not if, but when wil Jackson hang it up. Will 2011 be the final year for the former UFC light heavyweight champ? (Remember that time we talked to Quinton’s dad about bad breath jokes?)

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