Joseph Benavidez on fighting friend and teammate Urijah Faber

Urijah Faber has an upcoming title fight with 135-pound champ Dominick Cruz. If he defeats Cruz and his Alpha Male teammate Joseph Benavidez wins a couple more fights, the situation could arise where the UFC could ask these two to fight.

Benavidez says they haven’t thought about it too much, but insists he nor Faber want to fight each other and will just wait and deal with it if and when the situation should arise.

The issue of teammates  and friends fighting one another has been a recurring theme as of late. Jon Jones and Rashad Evans originally did not want to fight each other because they were teammates and friends. Anderson Silva recently stated he was also friends with Jones and would not fight him.

There is a very real possibility Benavidez and Faber could have to deal with this issue one day. The difference between their situation and the others is that Faber has been a true mentor to Benavidez and they  are much closer than Jones and Evans or Jones and Silva.

Hopefully, for their sake, Benavidez and Faber will not be put in the situation where this becomes a problem. However, if it does come to the point where the UFC asks them to fight one another, what are your thoughts — are certain fights just off limits, or is anyone fair game in this business?

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