Scrap Live 7 “Bad Intentions” Results and Commentary

The Scrap Live 7 “Bad Intentions” event took place tonight in Winston-Salem, NC, at the Joel Coliseum Annex.  The fans came out to see MMA legend Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva as he was in attendance for an autograph session as well a exciting night of fights. The main event saw UFC veteran Rodney Wallace win a unanimous decision over Cale Yarborough using a mixture of wrestling and solid striking. UFC veteran Cameron Dollar took out the hometown kid in Sylvain Bynum and Casey Johnson improved his record to 2-0 by taking out Demetrious Turner in round 2. A recap of each fight can be found below:

Jeff Johnson vs. Jonathan Steed

Round 1-The fight began and both fighters took the center of the cage. Steed with kicks and a nice right hand…Johnson lands a left hook counter. Steed slips on a kick and Johnson immediately takes his back. Johnson has the RNC choke, but Steed is defending. Johnson re-adjusts the choke and slips the forearm deeper under Steed’s chin and Steed is forced to tap. Jeff Johnson defeats Jonathan Steed via Rear Naked Choke in round 1.

Kevin Schroder vs. Jarrod Miller

Round 1-The fight began and Miller with a left hook and a inside leg kick. They scramble as Miller looks for the takedown, Miller pins Schroder against the cage and lands a knee. Miller with the takedown and pins Schroder against the cage. Schroder with full guard and Miller with some body shots and then two nice slams. Miller tries some GnP but misses on most of it. Miller with a big right that misses but allows him to pass Schroder’s guard into side control. Schroder defends well and Miller is back up and lands a kick to Schroder’s leg while Schroder was on his back as the bell sounds.

Round 2-The second round began Milelr with a left hook and a huge knee to the head apparantly and the referee gives Miller a warning. Action resumes and Miller with another left hook. Schroder misses a beautiful spinning back fist, Miller ducked under and took his back standing. Miller with a HUGE German suplex. Miller takes Schroder’s back and flatens him out. Miller with several shots to the head of Schroder and Schroder can do nothing but cover up. The ref steps in to save Schroder. Jarrod Miller defeats Kevin Schroder via TKO at 1:21 of Rd. 2.

Lonnie Price III vs. Raymond Irizarry

Round 1-The fight begins and they take the center of the cage. They both land shots in a flurry in the cage. Irizarry with a left hook and some leg kicks. Price with a leg kick and Irizarry answers. Price with another leg kick, Irizarry lunges with a left hook that glances. Irizarry with a big left kick. They trade hooks and Price then lands a leg kick. Nice scramble from both.  Nice pace to this fight. Irizarry pushing the pace now and pushes Price into the cage. Price with a nice right hand, but Irizarry gets underhooks and takes Price down…landing in side control. Irizarry knees to the body. Price with a slam but Irizarry locks in a guillotine, it looks deep but the bell sounds.

Round 2-The second round begins and Irizarry with a leg kick..and another. Irizarry misses a superman punch and slips but gets to his feet. Price lands a grazing leg kick and a jab. Irizarry with a nice leg kick. They lock up and scramble. Price with a takedown..landing in side control. Price with some short punches. Irizarry lands a knee to the body from his back. Irizarry tries to get to his feet but Price takes him back down. Price with a right hand. Irizarry with a high guard, sort of a rubber guard variation as the bell sounds.

Round 3– Irizarry with a leg kick and Prices catches it and lands a big right hand. Prices pushes forward for the takedown afterwards..landing in side control. Price tries to mount but lands in half-guard. Price with headshots and punches to the body. Irizarry with a butterfly guard and the ref stands the fighters back up(questionable standup IMO). Price with a jab that grazes Irizarry. Price with a big leg kick. Irizarry with a leg kick. Price with a leg kick, Irizarry charges forward for the takedown but Price gets underhooks and shuts it down. Irizarry pins Price against the cage as the bell sounds. Lonnie Price defeats Raymond Irizarry via Split Decision.

Douglas Hilton vs. Taylor Decker

Round 1-The fight begins and Decker shoots for a double leg, but Hilton shuts it down. Deck pursues and gets the takedown briefly. Hilton is looking for the guillotine but Decker gets a throw and lands in side control. Hilton back up and locks in a guillotine. It looks tight but Decker powers out. Decker with another takedown and Hilton has him in a side headlock. They scramble and Decker winds up in Hilton’s full guard. The referee stands the fighters up after a lull in the action. The bell sounds.

Round 2-The second round begins and Decker ducks under a huge right hand from Hilton and gets the double leg takedown. Hilton with an open guard but with double underhooks and now closes his guard. Decker postures up and drops to big shots to Hilton’s head. Decker trying to pass and Hilton accidently kicks him in the groin. The fight restarts and Decker shoots for the takedown and Hilton stuffs it. Hilton goes for the inside trip but Decker readjusts and gets the take-down.  They scramble and get back to their feet. Decker with another takedown attempt but Hilton stuffs it against the cage. Hilton flicks a jab and a wild haymaker that misses the mark as the bell sounds.

Round 3-The final round begins and Hilton with a nice right hand. They scramble and Decker winds up in side control and lands some solid shots to Hilton’s face. Decker mounts Hilton and drops a barrage of punches. Hilton is trying to defend but Decker is relentless. Hilton tries to roll to his back and does briefly then returns back to being mounted to eat more shots and the referee comes into save him. Taylor Decker defeats Douglas Hilton via TKO(GnP) at 1:26 of Rd. 3.

Kris Kennedy vs. Brian Newman

Round 1-The fight begins and Kennedy with a jab. Newman with a takedown attempt and they scramble. Newman with a nice right hand. They clinch and Kennedy with a nice uppercut he comes forward and Newman pretty much powerbombs Kennedy on his neck!! Newman follows with two big punches. Kennedy lands an uppercut as he gets back to his feet. Newman with a lazy left and lunges for the takedown. Kennedy reverses and lands in side control as Newman goes for a guillotine. Kennedy with punches to the body. Newman still holding on to the guillotine with Kennedy in side control. Kennedy with hammerfist to the body as the bell sounded.

Round 2-The second round begins and Newman goes for a takedown and Kennedy defends but winds up on his back. Kennedy reverses and takes Newman’s back but is too high. Newman sneaks out of the backdoor. Newman with some unanswered ground and pound. Kennedy back to his feet and takes Newman down and lands in side control. Kennedy with body shots. Kennedy takes Newman’s back and is landing headshots with a body triangle locked in as well. Kennedy sneaks the arm underneath Newman’s neck and sinks in the rear naked choke. Kris Kennedy defeats Brian Newman via rear naked choke in rd. 2.

Nick Blake vs. Andrew Yates

Round1-The fight begins and Blake flicks a jab to gauge the distance. They trade jabs and Blakes lands a solid left, but Yates changes levels and gets a huge double leg into a slam. Blake locks up a guillotine but Yates is playing the waiting game. Yates with body shots. Blake readjusts the choke but Yates still seems to be ok and is landing more body shots. Blake lets go of the choke and Yates is in his full guard against the cage. Yates with solid ground and pound here against the cage. Blake with an open guard now and is shrimping to get back to his feet. Blake reverses Yates and has him against the cage as Yates toys with a guillotine attempt. Blake with a couple of body shots before the bell sounds.

Round 2-The round begins and they trade jabs. Blake with a solid right hand that makes sweat fly off Yates. Yates changes levels and goes for a double leg take-down and gets it. Blake with full guard and toys with a guillotine again. Blake lets it go and land some elbows to the midsection of Yates from the bottom as Yates is in his half-guard. Blakesattempts a sweep but Yate shuts it down. The action slows to a crawl now. Yates still in Blake’s half-guard. Blake with elbows from the bottom. Yates with body shots.

Round 3-The final rounds begins and Blake lands another solid right hand. Yates drops for the takedown but Blake defends this time. Yates with footstomps as he pins Blake against the cage. Yates drops for a single leg takedown but Blake defends. He switches to a double but Blake defends. Blake with several elbows to the mid-section of Yates. Yates relentless with the double-leg attempt and Blake succumbs. Yates with elbows to the thighs and Blake responds with elbows to Yate’s mid-section. Yates with more elbows to the thighs. Blake trying to walk the cage to get up to his feet but is unable to. Blake trying to punch from his back as the bell sounded. Andrew Yates defeats Nick Blake via uanimous decision.

Casey Johnson vs. Demetrius Turner

Round 1-The fight begins and Turner swings wildly and misses. Turner lands a glancing left hook. Turner with a body kick that lands, but Johnson catches it and sweeps Turner. They have a wild exchange in which Johnson probably landed the best shots, just a furious pace. They clinch and Johnson takes Turner down..landing in side control. Johnson with some nice ground and pound. Turner with a leg lock attempt but Johnson spins out and lands two hammer-fists. Turner with the double leg take down landing in Johnson’s guard. Johnson with a high guard and Turner lands a punch to the body. Johnson was looking for an arm-bar but didn’t attempt. Turner with body head combo’s in Johnson’s open guard. Johnson back to his feet and Turner has a front headlick . Turner eats a huge knee as he goes for a take-down and he eventually gets it. Johnson sets up a triangle and gets it and uses it to sweep Turner. Johnson with some big elbows as the bell sounded.(The ref was looking closely at stopping it IMO).

Round 2-The second round begins and Johnson with a left right combo. Johnson with a big hook to the body. Johnson takes Turner down and is in his half guard dropping elbows against the cage. Johnson with an underhook pins Turner against the cage and lands with about 15 unanswered punches and the referee comes into to save Turner from further damage. Casey Johnson defeats Demetrious Turner via TKO in Rd. 2

Sylvain Bynum vs. Cameron Dollar

Round 1-The fight begins and Bynum lands an inside leg kick and a jab. Dollar swings wildly and misses. Bynum with a leg kick. Dollar hits Bynum with a knee and some solid shots, Bynum shoots for the takedown but Dollar defends. Bynum with the takedown finally and puts Dollar against the cage. Dollar sets up a triangle choke and Bynum is trying to defend but Dollar locks the triangle up and Bynum goes to sleep at the 1:46 mark of rd. 1. Cameron Dollar submits Sylvain Bynum via triangle choke.

Rodney Wallace vs. Cale Yarborough

Round 1-The fight begins and Wallace catches a kick and lands a big right hand. Yarborough with a leg kick. Wallace with a solid left hook and takes Yarborough down into his half-guard. Wallace with head shots and opens a cut on Yarborough’s head. Yarborough trying to get back to his feet but Wallace threatnens to take his back and gets it but his back is against the cage. Yarborough up to his feet and lands a body kick. Wallace with a jab and another. Yarborough with a very nice body kick. Wallace with a nice 1-2 and Yarborough lands a spinning back fist. Wallace shoots for the takedown and gets it in Yarborough’s full guard. Yarborough positioning for an armbar but Wallace defends, Yarborough counters with an omaplata but Wallace rolls and winds up in Yarborough’s guard again. Yarborough with an elbow from his back. Wallace with a nice right hand as the bell sounds.

Round 2-The second round begins and Yarborough lands a jab and a inside leg kick. Wallace with a single leg takedown and gets it landing in half-guard and now takes Yarborough’s back. Yarborough spins and gets back to his feet then pushes Wallace against the cage. Yarborough with knees to the thigh of Wallace . Wallace with a huge 1-2 and a body kick that hurts Yarborough. Yarborough charges forward and Wallace takes the single leg takedown. Wallace with ground and pound in Yarborough’s full guard. Wallace with a right hand as they scramble and then a knee that hits Yarborough in the head before his hand comes off the mat. Yarborough says he’s ok and action resumes. Yarborough with body kicks and that lights a fire under Wallace he catches a knee and takes Yarborough down. Big punch from Wallace. Yarborough looking for the triangle. Wallace with a nice right hand. Yarborough with elbows from the bottom. Wallace with a big right from Yarborough’s half-guard. The bell sounds as they were scrambling for position(Wallace on top).

Round 3-The third round begins and Wallace is throwing th ejab. Yarborough with a leg kick. Wallace with a left hook into a single leg, switches to Yarborough’s back and takes him down. Wallace riding Yarborough’s back and landing punches to the side of his head. Yarborough back up to his feet. Wallace with a huge right hand and a left hook that rocks Yarborough. Wallace shoots for a slam but Yarborough defends against the cage. Yarborough with punches in the clinch. Wallace shoots for a takedown but Yarborough defends. Yarborough puts Wallace against the cage and is threatening to take his back. Yarborough takes  Wallace down and threatens with a kimura while landing some punches. Wallace back up to his feet. Yarbourough with a nice uppercut. Wallace crushes Yarborough with a right hand and drops him. Wallace pursues and ends up in Yarborough’s guard. Yarborough with a high guard. Wallace lets him up. Yarborough comes forward and Wallace lands a single leg takedown as the bell sounds. Rodney Wallace defeats Cale Yarborough via unanimous decision.

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