NFL player Jason Babin considering MMA if lockout continues

With the NFL lockout putting the start of the upcoming season in doubt, Tennessee Titans defensive end Jason Babin, a 2011 Pro Bowl selection, is thinking about giving mixed martial arts a try, according to The Tennessean.

Babin told the paper that he will train out in California and could even take a fight, depending on how things go. He also said that he’s considering playing in the Canadian Football League or United Football League to bide his time.

They would probably frown on that, but right now I am free and clear to do as I please. I could play in the Canadian Football League if I wanted to.

A number of other former football players have made the move to MMA and achieved some success over time, including UFC heavyweights Shane Carwin and Brendan Schaub.

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  • John, when Jack locks us out of the site, we should play in the CFL

  • CFL? I think we should set the bar a bit higher than that.

  • Jay Ernteman

    Typical American response , whats your dollar worth again?

  • It’s worth enough to kick your country’s ass in WWII!

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  • Jay Ernteman

    Your country kicked Canada`s ass in world war two did it? hahaha……Ignorance seems to be your best contribution to anything your write .

  • I think it was an America joke bro