Mann Talk – MFC 28 Predictions

Even without Antonio McKee, Mark Pavelich has delivered a solid card laced with UFC veterans. MFC 28 goes down on Friday Feb. 25 at the River Cree Casino in Edmonton, Alberta. HDNet will broadcast the main card live at 10:00 p.m. ET.

Drew Fickett vs. Matt Veach
With the last-second change, this fight became a lot more difficult to predict. Veach is still going to get takedowns in this fight, but he does not have the finishing ability. So, if Fickett can survive early, he should be able to score a late submission. However, I am not comfortable putting that kind of stock in Fickett’s cardio. Sure, he has looked better recently, but Veach will probably outwrestle him to a decision.
Pick = Matt Veach
Film Study: Drew Fickett vs. Carlo Prater

Ryan Jimmo vs. Dwayne Lewis
Despite being hyped as some sort of karate ice and board breaker, Jimmo has done most of his work in MMA from the clinch. He does a good job of getting position and landing significant, but not huge, strikes on the inside. That should be enough to pick up a victory here against “D Bomb.” However, you have to think that Mark Pavelich would not be happy about a fifth-straight decision win.
Pick = Ryan Jimmo
Film Study: Ryan Jimmo vs. Craig Zellner

Tyrone Glover vs. Robert Washington
Both of these fighters have followed twisted paths to make their MFC debuts. Washington found MMA while serving for the Navy in Guam. Glover was selected in the Pride U.S. Auditions, but then stepped away from the sport five years to practice law.

Washington will be the better wrestler. During his military days, he represented the Navy on a few occasions. However, Glover is a natural submission wizard. Look for Washington to get takedowns, but Glover will eventually be able to pull something off his back.
Pick = Tyrone Glover
Film Study: Tyrone Glover vs. Jorge Masvidal (Grappling Style)

Thomas Denny vs. Sheldon Westcott
Age eventually catches up to all fighters. However, its effects are more dramatic with fighters who like to brawl. Denny is pushing 40 years old, and he has been in some battles. Westcott has showed a well-rounded game so far in his career. He should be able to land significant strikes on the feet and finish the fight.
Pick = Sheldon Westcott
Film Study: Thomas Denny vs. Georges St. Pierre

Emanuel Newton vs. Rodney Wallace
Wallace really is a well rounded fighter. He has decent hands, can score a takedown and can crank off a solid fighter’s arm. However, the problem is that he really is too small for the light heavyweight division. To make matters worse, Newton is a guy who could probably win fights at heavyweight. Both fighters are tough. Fans should expect a back and forth fight. In the end, Newton’s size and reach will be too much.
Pick = Emanuel Newton
Film Study: Rodney Wallace vs. David Heath

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