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Watch the Pat Barry method of escaping a guillotine choke *VIDEO*

Hype or Die Jiu-Jitsu Guillotine escape by Pat Barry.

Can you imagine if UFC heavyweight¬†Pat Barry had a black belt in jiu-jitsu? That just wouldn’t be fair would it?

Well, if he keeps at it, that day just might come. Or he might just get really good at defense and become an unsubmittable crippler.

Either way, it is good to see him continually working to improve all aspects of his game and stay busy between fights by entering grappling tournaments.

In the following video you will see Barry, representing Roufusport, battling Matt Hamlin of Submit Sport at Saturday’s Combat Corner 6 Grappling Tournament in Milwaukee, Wis.

Pay particular attention to the 1:19 mark as Barry shows us how an ex-gymnast escapes a guillotine choke.

In this second video Barry takes on a very big Joe Ruiz of Submit Sport. This match also took place on Saturday, Feb. 19, at Combat Corner 6.


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