Josh Koscheck calls out Tito Ortiz; Ortiz says “Sideshow Bob” needs to win a title first

Josh Koscheck is unhappy with some things Tito Ortiz said about him before his UFC 124 title fight with Georges St-Pierre and now Koscheck wants to fight Ortiz because of it.

Ortiz may not have won a fight in a few years, but he’s still a champion on the mic.

The Huntington Beach Bad Boy sends Josh Koscheck a.k.a. “Sideshow Bob” a message that until he wins a world title, he needs to keep his name out of his mouth. “But this guy can’t even win a round, much less a title,” says Ortiz.

Also, Ortiz says Koscheck told him he started bleaching his hair to be like him.┬áThese guys are a couple weight classes apart, but who cares, Koscheck can pig out over the holidays and Tito can go on a diet and they can meet in the middle. Let’s do it!

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