Jason “Mayhem” Miller awarded BJJ Black Belt; confronts a Nick Diaz homie (updated)

Jason “Mayhem” Miller was awarded his BJJ Black Belt at Kings MMA in Huntington Beach yesterday. Gym owner and Head Coach Rafael Cordeiro presented Miller with the belt. Although unable to attend, the belt was given with Fabricio Werdum’s blessing and consideration.

[Updated] Now if you thought maybe Mayhem looked a bit scruffy in the first video, apparently he woke up late for his own Black Belt ceremony. Not cool Mayhem. So here is a video from Mayhem’s perspective.

While at the gym, waiting for the Black Belt ceremony, Mayhem spots one of Nick Diaz’s homies, the well-known Internet personality Layzie the Savage, tries to kick him out, then confronts him on why Diaz won’t fight him.

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  • Ted Smith


  • Well deserved. Mayhem’s been in the game forever.

  • edub

    Good for Mayhem.

    But just fight him at 179 or counter with 180. Them going back or forth telling eachother they’re scared isn’t fun for anyone.

    Daley isn’t knocking anyone out.

  • Really

    Mayhem hasn’t beaten anyone that would make Diaz or anyone for that matter scared of him. Daley isn’t knocking anyone out? LOL, did you miss his last fight. Pillow hands Miller isn’t knocking anyone out lol

  • edub

    Ok, let me rephrase: Daley isn’t knocking Diaz out.