Photos of the day: Shane Carwin’s scars

Shane Carwin after surgery - Photo courtesy of

UFC heavyweight contender Shane Carwin just went through surgery and has the scars to prove it. Apparently they had to put some screws in his skull to hold his head completely still while operating on his spine. That definitely does not sound like fun.

This is the side of professional fighting we tend to forget about or overlook; the pain and the injuries the guys and gals go through. They literally sacrifice their bodies for the sport and for our entertainment.

Carwin explained on his website ( why it was necessary for the surgery and he also addresses those who think he may have pulled out of the fight with Roy Nelson for fear of not being able to pass a drug screen:

I have been fighting injured for three years. I have done all of the things that “possibly could reduce the pain”, in the end the problem continues to come back. I have spent a week getting treatments and the pain has been increasing. I really do not have a choice in the matter. Most managers need to milk all they can from fighters but mine is putting my interest ahead of what is best for him. That is actually a good thing.

I am getting a second opinion tonight but if he suggest surgery then I will be going that route. I have made up my mind that this is the likely outcome. With or without surgery I would face a 8-12 week recovery (no contact) time and not be ready for 125. My “options” are do surgery and repair it or spend 12 weeks recovering and apply a band aid and march on. I plan of fighting for a long time and while I may not be getting any younger I have certainly taken way less damage then anyone else in the UFC with as many fights as I have. Aside from Gonzaga breaking my nose I have not been hurt in any of my fights. So repairing my self so I can be at my best for the best part of my career is actually a really good idea.

To anyone questioning my ability to pass any test, I say bring it. I have and will always pass my test.

Incision on Carwin's neck from surgery - Photo courtesy of
Holes from two screws drilled into Carwin's skull to hold his head still during surgery - Photo courtesy of

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