“The Ultimate Fighter 12: Team GSP vs. Team Koscheck” – Episode 6 recap

Team Koscheck is still riding high after avoiding an 0-4 start by getting their first win in the Octagon. With two fights in tonight’s episode, the team can get right back into the competition and even the standings at 3 wins apiece, with a sweep this week.

Coach Koscheck begins with the head games right off the bat, going at Team GSP’s star pick, Michael Johnson. Koscheck tells Johnson that he looks out of shape, overweight, and tells him that despite his victory, he gassed badly and that will be a problem later in the competition.

Team Koscheck has a team meeting, and assistant coach Dave Camarillo talks strategy, as the team discusses possible match ups with control residing with the yellow team for the first time.

At the house, it appears that Koscheck’s trash talk has had the desired effect on Michael Johnson. Johnson stresses that it is not only Coach Koscheck, but the yellow team overall that are all sore winners. The red team fully expects, and rightly so, that Team Koscheck will arrive full of swagger, bragging about their lone victory in the competition so far.

The trash talk continues, directly aimed at Johnson, as Team Koscheck, led by their coach, continue the verbal assault on Michael Johnson.

Without much delay, the next fight is announced by Coach Koscheck. Marc Stevens from Team Koscheck vs. Cody McKenzie of Team GSP is announced as the first bout of the evening, and as the stare down wraps up, McKenzie takes the opportunity to flick Koscheck under the chin as he walks away.

Team Koscheck is not too happy about the gesture, especially Sevak Magakian, who makes it clear that the fight and the competition is now way more personal than it was before.

Cody McKenzie is a real wildcard in the competition, coming in with 9 victories by way of his modified guillotine.

“I’m a bit of an unorthodox fighter… I didn’t come from a strong wrestling background or nothing like that, doing sports or nothing like that, I’m not an athletic guy.” said McKenzie.

“I just go in, just throw, kick, punch and knee, and I try to grab a hold of their neck if they try to take me down, and I just like to have good times, I like fighting.”

Marc Stevens is up next, and the first thing the coaches stress to him is to steer clear of that guillotine choke of McKenzie’s.

After the weigh ins, McKenzie talks with Nam Phan, and admits that Stevens has better tools in almost every category as it relates to MMA, but still believes that despite his disadvantages, he will still walk out as the winner.

Stevens believes that the confidence that McKenzie walks around with covers up the fact that he’s really not prepared to make a run in the competition.

“I don’t believe he’s ready to fight, maybe he thinks he is mentally,” said Stevens. “But, maybe he’s just a little bit confused.”

Round 1 – McKenzie comes out flying, and goes for a head kick. Stevens, shoots in for a double, and McKenzie automatically goes for the neck. McKenzie locks up his signature guillotine, and before Stevens can even tap, he’s unconscious on the mat. Unbelievable finish!

The loss totally deflates the yellow team, and the looks of shock on the faces of Team Koscheck is a sight to see.

There is not much time to worry about the first loss for Team Koscheck, and without delay, Coach GSP makes the next pick for the second bout. Jonathan Brookins from Team GSP will face off against Team Koscheck’s Sevak Magakian.

As Team GSP wraps up a training session with Brookins, Coach GSP is cut by Brookins on his eyebrow. Coach Koscheck comes in with his team and notices the cut and tell GSP that he will not be aiming for the eyebrow, but will be looking to land on the chin of the UFC Welterweight champion.

The comment seems to amuse GSP who replies with 4 simple words:

“Good luck with that.”

Team Koscheck gets down to business getting Magakian prepared for his battle with Brookins, and his training partner of 8 years, Sako Chivitchian believes that quitting is not in Magakian’s genetics.

“Armenian’s love to fight,” said Magakian. “Fighting is in our blood.”

This should be a pretty tough fight between the hot tempered Armenian, and the calm, serene, yoga practicing Brookins.

Round 1 – Magakian loads up with the right hand but misses, then follows up with a kick to the head that also misses. Brookins feints a take down, then closes, gets the body lock and takes Magakian to the mat. Brookins is working on an arm, and Magakian turtles, then stands. Brookins takes his back, and is looking to get the rear naked finish.

Koscheck is screaming for Magakian to work on the hands, and to use the cage to his advantage to prevent the submission tries. Brookins keeps fighting and has the rear naked locked in. Magakian goes to his knees and looks like he may be out. Brookins continues to squeeze, and Magakian is asleep. Another finish for Team GSP.

After the victory, Team GSP now has 5 wins to Team Koscheck’s lone victory from last week.

Next week’s episode will feature the coaches challenge as Koscheck battles GSP in a baseball challenge. Also on tap is the final preliminary bout, and the wildcard will be selected as well.

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