New Year Big Country beatdown: Shane Carwin vs. Roy Nelson targeted for UFC 125 on Jan. 1

Showdown Entertainment is reporting a New Year’s Day bout between Shane Carwin and Roy “Big Country” Nelson is being targeted for UFC 125.

UFC 125 is expected to take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev., on Jan. 1, 2011. How would you like to bring in the new year in Vegas watching two of the world’s top heavyweight contenders throw down?

Carwin confirmed today on his blogĀ in an entry entitled “Hoping for a 1-1-11 Return” that he is expecting to fight on or around the New Year but did not mention an opponent:

“I have been back in the gym for some time helping my team where ever I can. I am expecting to fight again around the New Year. I have a lot to prove and I hope the UFC finds me a worthy opponent. I want to be tested, I want a complete war.”

People and media in the MMA community have been waiting for more information to come out regarding the steroid situation involving Carwin. Apparently, Carwin has been told not to comment.

Carwin’s last Octagon appearance was his very memorable fight against Brock Lesnar at UFC 116 in July for the heavyweight title. Carwin battered the champ throughout round one, coming oh so close to earning a TKO victory, but the referee let the fight continue and with each passing minute another gallon of stamina leaked from the muscles of the man with 5XL hands.

By the time round two began Carwin would have lost an Ethiopian arm wrestling tournament and found himself getting choked out by the very man he had just beat the Devil out of moments prior.

After the bout Carwin blamed his deflated balloon on lactic acid. Fans and critics just said he gassed. In either case, Carwin says he’s been working extra hard on strength and conditioning with Jackson MMA‘s John Chamberg:

“I have been spending a lot of time with John Chamberg and have committed to following his crazy strength and conditioning routines. I can barely walk when we are done working out so I guess that is a good sign. I want to be in the best shape of my life for this next fight. I need to show the world of MMA that I have a place on top of the mountain.”

“We are working hard to show that I can be a worthy challenger to the throne. In the mean time I need to pay my dues, fight the fights given to me and show that I belong.”

“Big Country” Roy Nelson is coming off the first loss of his UFC career at UFC 117 in August where he fought a three round war with Junior Dos Santos. Dos Santos hit Nelson with enough big shots to murder an elephant but MMA’s most adorable belly withstood the onslaught and went the distance.

It’s very questionable if Nelson can withstand that same amount of punishment from Shane Carwin. Just taking a wild guess here but, I’m going to say no. Nelson may want to choose a different game plan in this fight than eat a few to land a few.

Dos Santos hits hard, no doubt about it. But Carwin throws punches with a whole different kind of power. Only one man has been able to withstand Carwin’s punches in the UFC and that was because said opponent curled up in a little ball and waited for the 150-punch jackhammer to run out of fuel.

If all else fails, Nelson can try the patented Lesnar fetal position defense! Why not? It worked for him.

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