K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 live results, play-by-play

It is that time of year again. The first round of the K-1 World Grand Prix Final kicks off with the Final 16 card. The show will take place tonight at 2 a.m. ET live on HDNet from Seoul, South Korea.

Join us tonight as ProMMAnow.com provides live results and play-by-play commentary for K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16.

K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 quick results:


  • Alistair Overeem def. Ben Edwards by KO Round 1
  • Semmy Schilt def. Hesdy Gerges by unanimous decision
  • “Mighty Mo” Siligia def. Raul Catinas by unanimous decision
  • Peter Aerts def. Ewerton Teixeira by unanimous decision
  • Keijiro Maeda def. Jerome Le Banner by TKO Round 3
  • Daniel Ghita def. Errol Zimmerman by KO Round 2
  • Gokhan Saki def. Freddy Kemayo by TKO Round 1
  • Tyrone Spong def. Ray Sefo by unanimous decision


  • Sergei Kharitonov def. Takumi Sato by TKO Round 1
  • Dzevad Poturak def. Chalid Arrab by TKO Round 3
  • Hyun Man Myung def. Min Ho Song by KO Round 1

K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 play-by-play:

Chalid Arrab vs. Dzevad Poturak

Round 1 – Arrab comes forward with some straight punches, but eats a few hard leg kicks. After an initial exchange the fighters exchange leg kicks. Poturak tries to get aggressive, but does not land. Arrab uses some head movement, and catches his opponent with some counters. Poturak lands a few uppercuts to the body. Arrab throws some looping hooks that are not close. Poturak starts to open up, but he gets caught with a hard right and then a follow up left. ProMMANow score 10-9 for Arrab

Round 2 – Both fighters are more tentative at the start of round two. Arrab continue to scores with counters. Then, Poturak comes forward with a powerful leg kick and then lands a four-punch combination that catches Arrab in the corner. Poturak starts using his reach. He stays outside and lands jabs and leg kicks. Another hard combination lands for Poturak. It starts with an uppercut and ends with a left hook. ProMMANow score 10-9 for Poturak

Round 3 – Arrab throws a huge right to start the round. Almost immediately, his corner throws in the towel. He was visibly limping at the end of round 2.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dzevad Poturak defeats Chalid Arrab TKO (towel) Round 3

Sergei Kharitonov vs. Takumi Sato

Round 1 – Leg kicks starts things off for Sato. Kharitonov uses footwork to keep Sato in the corner, but he can’t get through Sato’s defense. Kharitonov is clearly the better puncher as he scores with jabs and crosses. He continually finishes his combinations with hooks to the body. Sato has abandoned his leg kick game and is losing the punching exchanges. With 40 seconds left Kharitonov starts throwing punches in bunches and puts Sato on the ground. He beats the count, but Kharitonov drops him again and the referee stops the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sergei Kharitonov defeats Takumi Sato TKO Round 1

Ray Sefo vs. Tyrone Spong

Round 1 – Spong works from the outside and lands a front kick and some leg kicks. He then lands one to the body. Sefo closes the distance and lands a hook and leg kick. Front kick lands to Sefo’s face. Sefo charges in, but gets caught with a counter right hook and a leg kick. Spong lands a nice right hook, but Sefo lands his own left. ProMMANow scores 10-10

Round 2 – Three hard body kicks land for Spong to start the round. Sefo lands an outside leg kick and a nice follow up right hook. Another nice front kick from Spong. The action stops after Sefo catches a kick in the cup. Spinning back kick from Sefo lands in Spong’s gut. He tries it again, but it does not land clean. Spong goes back to the leg kicks and starts to turn the tide of the round. ProMMANow score 10-9 Spong

Round 3 – Spong throws more leg kicks. A double right cross lands hard on Sefo’s face. Sefo starts to taunt the younger fighter. The leg kicks are starting to take a toll on Sefo. Sefo throws hard hooks to the gloves and eats a jab on the break. After taking several more leg kicks, he scores with an upper cut. Spong lands an illegal clinch knee, but the referee only warns him. ProMMANow score 10-9 Spong

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tyrone Spong defeats Ray Sefo Decision (unanimous)

Gokhan Saki vs. Freddy Kemayo

Round 1 – Kemayo is determined to stay on the outside. Saki comes forward with an extremely aggressive combination highlighted by a shot to the liver. Saki is landing the harder strikes. He nearly sweeps Kemayo with a leg kick. He catches Kemayo with a hard right straight. He does not fall, but the referee starts an eight count. He survives, but then Saki comes forward again and puts him down. After three more hard rights, the referee saves Kemayo.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gokhan Saki defeats Freddy Kemayo TKO Round 1

Errol Zimmerman vs. Daniel Ghita

Round 1 – Both fighters look to kick. Nothing solid lands early. Zimmerman throws a couple one-twos down the pipe, but Ghita defends well. Saki is starting to get the better of the leg kick battle, but Zimmerman is landing a solid jab. Whenever Zimmerman comes forward he catches a nasty leg kick from Ghita. ProMMANow score 10-9 Ghita

Round 2 – Zimmerman jumps in with a knee. Ghita catches him in the air with a hard right. Zimmerman is visibly on roller skates. Ghita wades in with more shots and knocks Zimmerman out cold.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Daniel Ghita defeats Errol Zimmerman TKO Round 2

Jerome Le Banner vs. Keijiro Maeda

Round 1 – Kyotaro stays light on his feet and moves in circles around Le Banner. He lands a kick to the body. Neither fight has landed anuthing significant. Kyotaro starts to work the legs. He tries a right cross, but Le Banner ducks it. Le Banner comes forward with a left and lands it. ProMMANow score 10-10

Round 2 – Kyotaro goes high with the kick to start the round. He is avoiding Le Banner’s power shots, but not landing anything of merit. Both fighters throw wild, but nothing lands. Lead left lands for Kyotaro. Le Banner lands a double right and starts to find his range. He lands several hooks to his opponent. Kyotaro has taken hard shots, but does not look damaged at all. ProMMANow score 10-9 Le Banner

Round 3 – Kyotaro lands a pair of one-twos. Now he starts to come forward and he catches Le Banner with a nice left hook. Le Banner looks like a bit wobbly after eating a right. The right cross is starting to come at will from Kyotaro. Le Banner is almost out of gas. He comes back with a head kick, but Kyotaro keeps coming forward. Le Banner lands a counter right cross of his own. ProMMANow score 10-9 Kyotaro

The fight was declared a draw. According to the rules, the fight would continue to extension rounds. However, Le Banner left the ring in disgust instead of fighting.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Keijiro Maeda defeats Jerome Le Banner TKO (retirement) Round 4

Ewerton Teixeira vs. Peter Aerts

Round 1 – Both fighters start off the round by working body kicks. Teixeira lands a nice looping right hook. The counter right scores again as Aerts comes forward. When Aerts goes to throw leg kicks, Teixeira is nailing him with counter right crosses. A long reaching left hook lands for Teixeira. ProMMANow score 10-9 for Teixeira

Round 2 – Aerts comes out more aggressive with his hands early. Teixeira starts working his leg kicks and jabs together and it is effective. Aerts appears to be struggling with the distance. However, then he starts finding the range and lands two nice right hands. Aerts is landing some body kicks at the end of combinations now. However, Teixeira is still scoring at will with the leg kicks. Late in the round, Aerts scores with a head kick, but Teixeira is not hurt. ProMMANow score 10-10

Round 3 – Aerts clips Teixeira early in the round with a right cross. Teixeira stays in the fight and lands a few nice knees from inside. As the fighters break from a clinch, Aerts tries to land a head kick, but it just misses. They are both trading knees and body shots in close range. The fighters trade leg kicks and then move into close quarters. The fighters both land hard straight as the round ends. ProMMANow score 10-10

Round 4 – To start the first extra round, Aerts is walking down his opponent with jabs and leg kicks. The round kick to the body is starting to land as well. Teixeira lands a nice one-two combination of his own. Aerts lands a clinch knee to the body and receives a warning. Teixeira lands an overhand right that lands nicely. Late in the round, Aerts lands a right hand clean. It cuts Teixeira right above the eye. Both fighters turn it on at the end of the round. Aerts scores a round kick to the body, but Teixeira scores with a jab. ProMMANow score 10-9 for Aerts

OFFICIAL RESULT: Peter Aerts defeats Ewerton Teixeira by Decision (unanimous)

“Mighty Mo” Siligia vs. Raul Catinas

Round 1 – Catinas starts things off with a hard leg kick. He lands it again and it looks to slow down Mo. The American lands his trademark right, but Catinas is not bothered. Catinas lands a nice left on a clinch break. Mo is throwing nothing but his overhand right and it is telegraphed. It looks like Catinas went down, but it was a slip. Both fighters stand in the middle of the ring and trade. Catinas tastes a left and goes down this time. Mo is stalking Catinas around the ring. Right before the bell Catinas lands a nice left and throws some power. ProMMANow score 10-8 for Siligia

Round 2 – Catinas goes to the body with a left and scores a nice clean right hook. Mo is employing zero defense. He is open for leg kicks and shots to the face. The right lands against for Mo, and Catinas looks weak on his feet. A hard left and right lands for Mo. Both fighters have slowed a great deal. Catinas lands a hard left, but Mo counter with two right hooks. Both fighters are exhausted. ProMMANow score 10-10

Round 3 – Both fighters are winging punches. Catinas is even ducking his head and bulling straight at Mo. Catinas is working the body from in close. Mo has almost nothing left, but Catinas is not much better off. From the clinch, Catinas pushes Mo to the ground MMA style. Mo turns it on and lands a pair of hard knees. Catinas gets a warning for an illegal clinch. After the break his entire offense is running at Mo and trying to knee the body. Mo lands another right and Catinas looks like he might got down. ProMMANow score 10-9 for Siligia

OFFICIAL RESULT: “Mighty Mo” Siligia defeats Raul Catinas Decision (unanimous)

Semmy Schilt vs. Hesdy Gerges

Round 1 – Schilt starts things off with his trademark front kick. He continually pumps out the jab. Gerges has kept his hands high and protecting himself. Schilt starts to work in the inside leg kick with his jab. Schilt goes high with a knee and follows it up with several straight punches. He straights to work his other punches off his jab. ProMMANow score 10-9 for Schilt

Round 2 – Gerges is coming forward with more wild hooks, but none of them are landing. Schilt is now back to working his jab game. Gerges is having trouble finding a way to close the distance. Schilt lands a hard right straight that snaps his opponent’s head back. He then lands a nice knee to the body. Gerges lands an overhand right, but Schilt is not hurt. ProMMANow score 10-9 for Schilt

Round 3 – Gerges lands a few nice leg kicks. Schilt goes high with a head kick. Gerges goes back to the lead leg and then lands a hard left, and Schilt is forced to clinch. Schilt is backpedaling. Gerges lands a right this time that forced Schilt back. This is Gerges’ best round of the fight so far. A jab and cross land for Schilt. Schilt catches a knee and slams Gerges to the ground. ProMMANow 10-9 for Gerges

OFFICIAL RESULT: Semmy Schilt defeats Hesdy Gerges Decision (unanimous(

Alistair Overeem vs. Ben Edwards

Round 1 – Early in the first round, Overeem lands a nasty counter right that drops Edwards. Edwards is trying to work the legs, but Overeem is just getting his timing. He forces Edwards into a corner. Edwards throws and kick and gets absolutely pasted and dropped to the ground again. He tries to throw down, but Overeem catches him again and the fight is over.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alistair Overeem defeats Ben Edwards KO Round 1

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