BJ Penn says James Toney is God’s gift to MMA *VIDEO*

B.J. Penn is a changed man. I was listening to him on “It’s Time” with Bruce Buffer on Sherdog and he said he put any hard feelings he may have had about Sherdog behind him. Now he’s confronting Ariel Helwani and making sure there’s no hard feelings there.

And just his interview in general, he seems different. The respect he shows Frankie Edgar in this video is the epitome of class. He also has some interesting things to say about James Toney and calls him “God’s gift to MMA,” and says he is putting more money in everyone’s pocket.

Penn also admits he wishes his relationship with Dana White was better, but does not go into detail about what sort of problems there may be between them. Penn will try to regain the UFC lightweight title when he takes on champion Frankie Edgar this Saturday night at UFC 118 in Boston.


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