Photo of the day: John Howard’s eye

If you saw UFC on Versus 2 Sunday night and maybe had your doubts whether or not John Howard‘s fight against Jake Ellenberger should have been stopped, then you need to take a look at the following photos.

First of all, yes, Herb Dean was for the most part NOT doing a great job during the fights Sunday night. Sorry Herb, but it’s true. Why keep standing Ellenberger up? The dude was staying busy.

Okay… but aside from that, he did make the right call by halting the bout and having the doctor come in and check on Howard’s eye. The doctor assessed the situation and made the correct judgment by stopping the bout. Yes, Howard lost the bout but at least he will be able to rest, heal up and live to fight another day.


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  • David

    what do you mean jake wasn’t staying busy at all he was just laying in john howards gaurd, he didnt even try to pass one time I dont know who you are and what kind of jollys you get off on watching 2 guys lay on eachother on the ground but I want to see fights standing and I think most of the public does too.

  • You should check out K-1 or maybe some old tough man fights. If Ellenberger was not staying busy, then how do you explain the alien family that took up residence in Howard’s face?