Win a free copy of Forrest Griffin’s new book, “Be Ready When the Sh*t Goes Down”

It’s contest time again friends., in association with HarperCollins, will be giving away a brand new copy of BE READY WHEN THE SH*T GOES DOWN: A SURVIVAL GUIDE TO THE APOCALYPSE, the newest book by the original “Ultimate Fighter”, the UFC former light heavyweight champion and New York Times best-selling author, Forrest Griffin.

A quote on the back of the book reads:

“This book is an unholy abomination. It will make you dumber for having read it. Judging by the content, you would think he grew up eating paint chips. I swear that wasn’t the case.” -Forrest’s Mom

This book is pure insanity and packed full of humorous anecdotes not meant for children, the faint of heart, or any other god-fearing human with a moral compass. If you do not fall into one of those categories, then feel free to enter this contest to try and win yourself a free copy of this 272-page hardcover manifesto of a certified maniac.


Be the first person to leave a comment below which tells us exactly how and when the UFC on Versus 2 main event will end. “UFC on Versus 2” takes place this Sunday, Aug. 1. The main event features Jon “Bones” Jones vs. Vladimir Matyushenko. Simply leave a comment below telling us who will win, how they will win, what round and time. The first person with the closest right answer wins. The more detailed your answer, the better.

Good luck!

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  • Matyushenko by split decision. Rd 3, 5:00.

  • mike

    Rnd 1 @ 3:12 – Jon Jones by TKO

  • Andrew

    Jon Jones by TKO Rd 2 @ 1:16

  • Chris

    Round 1 @2:15 – Jon Jones KO

  • Rob

    Jones via 3 round Decision

  • Steve P

    Jon ‘Bones’ Jones via tko 2nd round @ 3.40

  • SJNP13


  • Vladdy by decision baby

  • John

    Jon Jones – Rd. 1 2:35 = T.K.O.

  • Jason

    Jones will win via TKO in the 3rd round between the 2and 3 minute mark.

  • thaddeusjay

    bones tko 3:55 in round 1

  • Mike C

    Jones via Submission at Rd 2 @3:15

  • Ms. Manners

    no contest

  • W Tran

    Jones TKO Rd 2 @ 2:00

  • Eric “SEPPUKU” Carl

    Jon Jones will win by TKO(Strikes) R1/1:25

  • Johnny “Bones” Jones halfway thru the 4th minute of rd 2 by tko


    jones 2 round 2min. tko.

  • Eric ‘SEPPUKU’ Carl

    So who won Jack? My girlfriend threw her phone at my laptop & broke the hard drive so I really need a good book to read…

  • promma

    Chris actually won with this pick:
    Round 1 @2:15 – Jon Jones KO

    He was just a few seconds off. The actual time was Round 1 1:56 if i remember correctly.

    don’t worry though cause we are doing two more of these, one this weekend, and one for the next event. so you still have a chance to win Forrest’s crazy book.