Wanted Dead or Alive: UFC 115 Hat Thief


The notorious Canadian Hat Thief Gang rode again at UFC 115 this past weekend. The leader of the gang was first reported to be Tank Abbott, but was later identified correctly as just a fat bald guy with a goatee, as can be seen in the photos above.

The gang usually operates in countries outside the U.S. such as England and Canada where the laws on hat thievery are more lenient.

Known hats that were swiped at UFC 115 included those worn by welterweight Paulo Thiago and heavyweight Ben Rothwell. Fortunately for UFC welterweight Martin Kampmann, he was able to narrowly escape the attempted assault.

Now that the leader of the gang has been identified, we are offering a reward to anyone who can bring the fat bastard to justice. Take caution when apprehending the leader. Most likely he will be intoxicated and he has no fear of authority.

If you know the fat bald guy with a goatee seen in the photos above (or his cohort seen in the middle photo with his arms raised) and can provide a link to his Facebook or other social networking site, please report your findings to info@promma.info, and we will send you a free UFC DVD.

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  • Mike C

    It’s Chuck Lidell’s heavier twin brother. Now where’s my DVD?

  • Chris B

    I think it is Tank Abbott, and the little guy holding him back is The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan.

  • bern e

    what if i showed you it was two separate hat thieves? do i get a dvd for the second thief’s info??

  • Bern e, i know the guy with his arms raised in the middle photo also got one. Was there another one too from another fighter?

  • bern e

    The guy I was sitting with got Rothwells cap. He was beside the tank dude…

  • I’ll send Mike C a DVD for that answer. Send me an email.

  • Mike C.

    @Richard Anderson Mann: really?

  • Chris B

    Hey I want a DVD for guessing that Cesar was the security guard!!

  • @ Mike C. yeah man. I have got a stock pile I need to unload. RichardAndersonMann@gmail.com

  • Mike C.

    Sweet!! Thanks Richard Mann!

  • Buck

    I know him and its damn funny when I saw him on here.No I wont turn him in for the dvd,lets talk tickets

  • The hat thief made it on ESPN’s “Not the Top Ten” today LOL

  • ufc 115 hat thief

    What do I get if I turn myself in??? …forget the DVD… how about tix???

  • Montana Wildhacker

    I’ve known this guy for close to 20 years. That is too funny. Too bad he can’t hit a ball as well as he swipes hats.

  • UFC 115 Hat

    Help me I’ve been abducted!