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Shot In The Foot

What up peeps. Things are starting to heat up in the house. People are getting anxious to fight and stress level is very high still because on any given day it could be your day to fight.

So the ball is in our court now, meaning Tito’s team. Jamie had a great fight against Blanchard and it’s our turn to strategize. We didn’t have much say in who was going to be fighting. Our coaches pretty much called the shots when it came to the match ups.

Tito chose Kris the savage McCray to fight Josh Bryant. I enjoyed both these guys a lot while in the house. McCray is funny as hell and Josh is definitely one of the nicest people I have ever met. Both good dudes.

McCray had been looking tough at practice and his wrestling was definitely up to par. I figured McCray would have no problem with Josh. I figured Kris would take him down and smother him for two rounds.

I didn’t expect Josh to fight like that though. Hes a tough tough kat. We had been pushing ourselves hard in practice twice a day every day and our bodies were feeling it.

McCray was still doing plyos, weightlifting and 100% rolls, and sparring during practice even after he knew he was fighting next. I know I personally would not have been doing the workouts we were doing if I knew I was fighting any time soon.

McCray is a savage though. He once told me that up until when we went into the fighter house, that he would lift weights the day of his fights and the day of weigh ins, so he looked bigger and felt tighter. Haha  He’s a character.

So Josh takes the second and third rounds and wins the fight. We sort of shot ourselves in the foot on that one. I catch a little guff from Tito because I said something about how I didn’t think Kris should have been going through those workouts with the rest of us.

I think TUF will shed a bit more light on the issue next week. So there is still the wild card and everyone that has lost is definitely gunning for it. I’ll catch you next week peeps.

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