“The Ultimate Fighter 11: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz″ – Episode 4 recap

During a quick recap of the Tavares vs. Hammortree fight, Jamie Yager continues to irritate his teammates by cheering for Team Liddell fighter Brad Tavares.

Yager gets an earful from his teammate about “teamwork”, but it is very obvious that Yager and “The Minority Report” will represent their clique throughout the rest of the season.

“If anyone don’t like that, that we stick together, that we keep the minority report together,” Yager said. “Then that’s too [expletive] bad.”

Wasting no time, Dana and the coaches get to business picking the first of two fights for tonight’s episode. ProMMAnow.com blogger Kyacey Uscola is picked by Coach Liddell from Team Ortiz to face Team Liddell fighter Rich Attonito.

Uscola explains that with a child on the way, his purpose for being on the show is clear in his mind.

“That’s what I’m here for… I’m for him,” Uscola said. “I’m here for the greater good of the family that I’m starting.”

Despite the beef between Yager and Uscola, training for Team Ortiz is still all about teaching and training hard. Coach Ortiz believes that control will be back in his hands with the veteran Uscola fighting Attonito.

Team Liddell is up next at the training center, with Attonito giving a laundry list of nicknames that he has been given throughout the years. Hackleman believes that Attonito is one of the best guys on the show and believes that he will win his bout against Kyacey Uscola.

Coach Liddell explains to his team that due to previous commitments, he will miss Rich Attonito’s fight.

Back at the house, Yager is right back in the middle of controversy, as Uscola finds his sweatshirt missing, then finds it in Yager’s closet.

After McCray admits to being the one to that took the sweatshirt, Uscola still maintains that Yager is a thief, and with so many “F” bombs between the two on the way to the training center, that I would be typing [expletive] the rest of the night quoting those two guys.

The ranting and raving continues in the locker room, with Coach Ortiz in the middle of both fighters. Uscola explains that this is a daily thing with Yager, but understands that a confrontation is the last thing he needs with a fight coming up.

“I’m trying to be calm, I’m trying to keep my head in the game, and focus on what I need to do to win this thing,” said Uscola.

It’s fight time.

Round 1 –  Uscola fakes the kick then lands back to back right hands.  Attonito comes back with a right hand of his own.  Uscola comes back with a double jab.  Attonito is picking his spots with his right hand then backing out.  Attonito lands a stiff jab. 

Attonito then follows up with a big right hand that drops Uscola.  Attonito attacks and Uscola is on the defensive rolling and turtling to escape the shots.  Uscola is covering up and going for a single, then gives up his back.  Attonito is looking to get his hooks in, but Uscola stands up, then gets dumped right on his head.  Uscola tries to recover and stay active from his back with a couple of upkicks, then grabs the left arm of Attonito. 

Uscola is going for the kimura and has it, forcing Attonito to roll.  Uscola lets go of the arm, and is now in side control.  Uscola seems to have recovered nicely and is looking for short, grinding elbows.  Attonito starts to stand but while he is still on his knees, Uscola lands two huge knees dropping Attonito.  The fight is stopped for the moment due to the strikes being illegal.  The word is in, and the referee informs Uscola that he has been DQ’ed. 

The replay shows that the first knee caught Attonito in the upper chest, and the second one looked to barely glance off the face of Attonito.  We have our first official controversy of the season.

The decision pushes Coach Ortiz over the edge.  As Ortiz makes his way back to the locker room, a door just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and pays the ultimate price, ending up as splinters on the floor.  Damn, doors really have it hard on this show.

Coach Liddell has a different opinion on the bout, saying his fighter got kneed in the face illegally, but Attonito did not come out unscathed.  It is confirmed that his hand is broken, and he may not be able to continue to compete with the injury.  It’s not yet clear who will take his place in the house to continue with the competition.

“Rich broke his hand, so maybe they will advance me in Rich’s spot, who know,” Uscola said.  “I’m down for whatever, I’ll fight anybody.”

With the win, Coach Liddell and “Team Liddell” are now 3-0 and maintain control of the fight matchups.  With the pick, Liddell chooses Charles Blanchard to face off against Jamie Yager.

There is no secret that Yager is going to come out throwing big kicks, but Coach Liddell has a simple philosophy about guys that kick a lot saying, “It’s hard to land kicks, when you are moving backwards.”

Blanchard weighs in at 186, and Yager also weighs in at 186.  The faceoff really shows the height advantage that Yager has over Blanchard, and now it is fight time.

Round 1 – The fight starts with a touch of the gloves and a pat on the back.  Yager misses with a jab and a right hand, but Blanchard isn’t closing the distance like his coach wanted him to do.  Immediately after typing that, Blanchard shoots in for the takedown.  Yager sprawls, but Blanchard is relentless with the attempt.  Blanchard elevates Yager, but is unable to get the slam.  Yager shakes him off and just misses with a big uppercut.  Yager then closes the distance, and lands a flush superman punch dropping Blanchard.  Blanchard immediately turtles up and eats another six or seven shots before the fight is called.

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