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“Strikeforce: Nashville” post-fight press conference *VIDEO*

Photo by Jack Bratcher / - "Strikeforce: Nashville" post-fight press conference

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Rounding out‘s live coverage of “Strikeforce: Nashville” are these videos of the post-fight press conference. In video one, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker discusses the unfortunate incident that took place following the main event when Jason “Mayhem” Miller interrupted Jake Shields’ live post-fight interview on CBS, and all hell broke loose.

Coker urged the media not to let the post-fight incident take away from what Shields had accomplished with his dominating win over Dan Henderson.

Also in video one, “King Mo” Lawal talks with the media about his five-round unanimous decision over Gegard Mousasi and becoming the new Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion, and Japanese superstar Shinya Aoki talks about Japanese MMA vs. United States MMA and  his loss to Gilbert Melendez.

In part two, Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez apologizes for the incident with Jason “Mayhem” Miller, and explains what happened. He also discusses his victory over Aoki, who many people considered to be the number two lightweight in the world. Dan Henderson also joins the meeting.

In part three, Dan Henderson talks about his loss to Jake Shields and if he still feels making the move  from the UFC to Strikeforce was the right thing to do. He also discussed the suggestion that a difficult weight cut to 185 lbs. affected his performance.

In part four, Strikeforce Middleweight Champion Jake Shields arrives to the press conference after taking a drug test for the athletic commission. Shields discusses the post-fight melee and his victory over Henderson.

Be sure to check out’s “Strikeforce: Nashville” post-fight press conference photo gallery.


Part 1 – Strikeforce: Nashville post fight press conference
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Part 2 – Strikeforce – Nashville post-fight press conference
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PART 3 – Strikeforce Nashville post-fight press conference
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PART 4 – Strikeforce Nashville post-fight press conference
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  • Ken Dulaney

    Wow Jack. This was great. Thanks for sharing all the videos man. That is very cool.

    Something smells very fishy with the Miller deal. I can’t see any reason for him to do what he did unless he was paid to do so or something. He had to know he wouldn’t get a title shot for that, plus, I was at the fight and security wouldn’t let you move without checking you out. How does a whole team make it INTO the ring with no problem? Dang, I shoulda rushed the ring too and maybe I could have gotten to shake Shield’s hand.

    Just too “staged” for my taste. Somebody is up to something and the sad thing is Strikeforce take the hit for it and so does Nashville. That really stinks.

    But the show was great. All but one fight was worth the trip. And how about that Cody Floyd kid and Thomas Campbell? Boy they both did a great job!

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