Kyacey Uscola’s “The Ultimate Fighter 11” blog – episode 3

So there we were stuck in the house, everyone was still trying to figure out who’s gonna pick who, who’s gonna win what fights. Lots of psychological warfare was going on. We had a surprise meeting after one of our practices and Dana comes walking out with the coaches.  Had no idea what was to come next.

Chris was a really cool dude and probably one of my favorite training partners for the first week or so of the show. Chris is a great dude with a great attitude and will get a shot in the UFC down the road.

For them to say, “Chris Camozzi you’re going home cause of a broken jaw,” my heart dropped for the guy. To have your dreams just taken away from you just like that in a split second was very disheartening to watch his face. Especially because of what Chris had to go through into get into the house, he had one hell of a fight against a tough cat.

In the mean time, we were all training our asses off on Tito’s team. I don’t think Ive ever pushed my body as hard as I pushed it through the show. I was definitely in the best shape cardio wise than I have ever been in my fighting career, we all were for that matter.

When you’re not training with a coach on a reality show it’s easy to take days off because you’re sore and you think your body needs the rest but one would be surprised on what you can push your body through.

There was definitely a lot of conflict on our team throughout the season, you peeps have just seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to drama on this show. Good thing about this drama is it’s all real, real emotions, real feelings, and real reactions.

Hammortree’s fight is still a disappointment after watching it the second time because I still think he won the first two rounds and possibly the third round. But what do I know, I haven’t been fighting forever and haven’t watched thousands of fights… haha.  But it is what it is.

Tavares advances and the show moves on. Clicks, groups, and alliances start to build on both teams and the stress level in the house is at on all time high. Everyone is on alert. And the drama between Yager and I is only beginning. See you peeps next week with a little more insight.

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