“The Ultimate Fighter 11″ – Episode 3 recap

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Now to the show… right off the bat, something is up. The guys are lined up at the training center as Dana and the coaches come through the door. It turns out that Chris Camozzi has a broken jaw and can no longer continue to compete on the show.

“So you have exactly what we are looking for, you’re talented, you got big balls, you got a lot of heart,” Dana White said. “But unfortunately you have a broken jaw, so, you can no longer continue in this competition.”

Following the departure of the very tough Camozzi, Dana explains that there are four guys on his list that are eligible to get back into the competition, and that Coach Ortiz would be picking which fighter would be joining his team.

The following day, it’s training time for Team Liddell, as Coach Liddell explains that it feels good to maintain control of the competition. Coach Liddell makes his way around to each and every one of his guys giving them some new tools to add to their games.

Back at the house, there are massages abound, led by Charles Blanchard Team Liddell, giving a 2 A.M massage to Nick Ring.

The fact that there is a man massaging another man at 2 A.M. draws some pretty peculiar comments from some of the other fighters in the house. The manliness is in full effect with Nick Ring busting a vogue stance, hand on hip in the doorway of the bathroom. With his manhood questioned, Ring changes his “stance” to a pretty good underwear clad Captain America, but he quickly explains that he doesn’t care what people think, and gets right back to his hand on hip pose.  Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyy!!

The following day, Coach Ortiz announces that Seth Baczynski is going to be the man that will be joining the house and Team Ortiz.

Dana reiterates that Coach Liddell has the floor, and will be picking the next fight. Chuck wastes no time picking Brad Tavares from Team Liddell to square off against James Hammortree.

Coach Ortiz amazingly, found a hat that could fit his head, and explains that this is a fight that has to be won. Straight to a training session, with some drama right off the start between Jamie Yager and Nick Ring. Yager starts throwing out the “bitch” word at Ring.

The sparring session is stopped, and Tito gets some good old fashioned counseling in to his team, calming some of the tensions in the process.

It’s weigh-in time… Tavarez weighs in at 185.5, Hammortree tips the scales at 185.5.

Brad Tavares we learn, is originally from Hilo, Hawaii. His philosophy and reason for fighting is simple:

“I love to fight because fighting is fun.”

James Hammortree explains that his nickname is “Sledge” because he has a sledgehammer for a right hand. Both of these guys like to throw hands so we should see a stand up war in this one, uh, maybe not.  

“Or uh, you may see me shoot in, take him down, and try to use some Tito ground and pound on him,” Hammortree said. “I got heavy hands, so if I catch him and put one of these things on his button, it’s going to be a different show for him.”

The next morning at the house, we get the usual awkward silence as the fighters see each other in the house prior to stepping into the cage against one another. Enough, enough… it’s fight time.

Round 1 – Tavares scores first with a leg kick, then goes upstairs but it’s blocked. Another kick from tavares. Tavares fakes the kick then lands a jab. Hammortree backs up and Tavares throws another kick to the face. Back to the center of the Octagon. Hammortree shoots in and grabs a single. He has Tavares pressed against the cage still looking for the single. He gets the body lock, then Tavares uses a judo throw and ends up on Hammortree’s back, quickly transitioning for the rear naked choke, with a body triangle locked in. Hammortree scrambles out, escapes, and reverses Tavares and is now on top. Hammortree on top and landing short elbows. Tavares uses the cage to get back to his feet, and they are now clinched against the cage. Hammortree gets the underhook and powers Tavares to the ground, but gets reversed and Tavares is now on his back once again. Pretty good round so far. Hammortree stands and shakes Tavares off his back, but once on the ground, Tavares scrambles and gets his back again. Another reversal, and Hammortree is back on top. Hammortree working elbows from half guard. Elbows to the body from Hammortree. Tavares rolls and works to get to his feet but Hammortree is controlling the body of Tavares. Close first round. Pro MMA Now scores Round 1 for Brad Tavares, 10-9.

Round 2 – Hammmortree throws a right hand that is countered, but the strike is just a set up to work for a takedown. After a scramble, Tavares gets the takedown and is on top. Hammortree works to stand and as he does, Tavares lands a knee, slipping and falling at the same time. He’s quickly back up and as they clinch, Tavares uses the whizzer to try for another throw. He ends up on the mat with Hammortree on his back. Tavares is looking for a kimura from the bottom. Tavares secures the arm and rolls to his knees, then stands as he lets go of the arm. Tavares grabs the arm again, and is defenseless against a knee that scores from Hammortree. Hammortree gets the trip take down but Tavares still has the arm and is working to rip it out for the kimura. Tavares gets the arm out for a moment but Hammortree is able to defend nicely. Hammortree is working the body with his right hand, with Tavares still looking for the kimura on his left arm. He finally lets go and dives into the full guard of Tavares. Tavares is working to control the posture of Hammortree and isn’t taking too much damage on his back with :45 to go in the fight. Not much offense from Hammortree on top with Tavares controlling the body of Hammortree. .. and that’s exactly how the round ends. Pro MMA Now scores Round 2 for Hammortree, 10-9 and predicts that we are going ONE MORE ROUND.

I was finally right about something in my life. The judges called it a draw, now it’s sudden death time.

Round 3 – Both guys swing and miss to start the third. Tavares fakes a kick, and Hammortree misses with a lazy jab. Tavares looks to be the fresher of the two. Leg kick and a spinning backfist misses from Tavares. Tavares lands a stiff jab, but Hammortree gets a takedown moments later.  Hammortree with grinding elbows from the half guard of Tavares. Hammortree gets free and lands an elbow, then transitions to full mount, but gets swept almost immediately. Tavares is standing in the guard of Hammortree and lands a big shot. Neither guy has been able to maintain much control the entire fight. Hammortree scrambles and works Tavares to the ground again. Tavares is working on the left arm again. Tavares sits out and lands 4 right hands to the face of Hammortree as he holds on to a leg. Hammortree keeps working and gets another takedown. Tavares quickly works to his feet again and is still looking for a kimura on the left arm of Hammortree. Tavares looks a little too patient and time is running out on this one. Tavares works to his feet with Hammortree still latched onto his body with :30 to go. No change in the position and Tavares throws a couple of punches as the bell sounds. This decision will be interesting.

The decision is in and it’s unanimous for Brad Tavares.  Team Liddell is now 2-0 and maintains control of the fights in the competition.

Tune in next week, as the episode 4 will feature two bouts, and keep it locked here at Pro MMA Now for continued TUF 11 coverage.

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