“The Ultimate Fighter 11” – Episode 2 recap

After a brief recap from episode 1, the 14 guys that made the house bust through the front door, stoked as hell to be there.  Just like every year, the fighters are as excited as Kirstie Alley at a buffet as they first see the house.

At the training center, it’s about that time as Chuck, Tito, and Dana, line up the guys to make their picks for the teams.  Dana kicks off the formalities with a coin flip, with the red side representing “Team Tito,” and the blue side representing “Team Liddell.”  The rules are pretty simple.  You win the fights, you keep control.

Coach Ortiz wins the coin toss, and elects to give up fight selection priveleges to Coach Liddell, choosing to pick first instead.  With his first pick, Tito selects Jenna Jameson, I mean, Nick Ring, yeah, Nick Ring.

With the second pick, Coach Liddell goes with Kyle Noke, and as the picks continue, Coach Ortiz feels like he had the best picks and a pretty dominating overall team.

“It seemed like every pick after that, it was the guys that I wanted,” said Ortiz.  “Liddell picked the guys I didn’t want, and I picked the guys that I wanted.”

After all of the guys were selected, this is what the teams look like:

Team Ortiz- Nick, Kyacey, Kris, Jamie, James, Clay, Chris

Team Liddell-  Kyle, Rich, Charles, Josh, Brad, Court, Joe

Dana White visits with Tito in the locker room to discuss the team picks and was pretty surprised at how things turned out.

“I’m blown away by the team picks,” White said.  “Chuck’s a strategy guy, but, [expletive]… not today.”

Coach Liddell stood behind his picks, telling the UFC president that he did his online research and believes that his guys will ultimately take control of the competition despite their “short” statures.

It’s time to meet the coaches, as John Hackleman is introduced first.  Just about everybody on the face of the planet knows the history between Hackleman and Liddell as they go back 17 years together.  Also on Liddell’s staff is striking coach Howard Davis Jr. from ATT.

“Team Ortiz” hits the ground running with super intensity in their workouts wasting no time on getting the competition started.

Coach Ortiz immediately singles out one of his last picks, Clayton McKinney.  Ortiz knows that McKinney has a hurt shoulder but wants to ensure that he understands what it takes to be on “Team Ortiz.”

Both teams are then herded into the training center for the fight announcement.  Dana White explains that since Coach Ortiz took the first pick, that Coach Liddell gets to pick the first fight.

Chuck announces that he will be putting up Kyle Noke against “Team Ortiz’s” Clayton McKinney.

Back at the house, the air horns are being prepped to ensure that nobody gets any type of consistent sleep.  At 3 A.M., the air horns are put into effect, pissing off a few of the guys in the house as expected.

Looks like “Mr. Serious” this season is going to be Kyacey Uscola.  He failed to find any type of humor in the air horns, but then again, maybe he doesn’t find anything very funny.

The MRI results for McKinney are in and Dr. Davidson breaks it down, explaining that there is no major damage or tears, but some bruising on the bone.   Coach Ortiz sees an opportunity to say that what McKinney really needs to do is “drop his nuts.”  Tito Rogan is in the house y’all.

After the shoulder update, McKinney explains that he has a “gnarly” groin issue too.  Maybe when his nuts do drop as Tito said, that little issue will go away.

Regardless of the ribbing from Ortiz, he is dead ass serious on making sure his guys are ready to go.  With Ortiz getting a lot of screen time early, can we finally see some Chuck?

OK thanks…. it’s training time for “Team Liddell,” and it’s cardio early and often with some live sparring in the Octagon thrown in for good measure.  Kyle Noke is introduced, and now we know that he is Australian and trains with Team Jackson.    No sub titles for Noke which is pretty good, but Chuck might need some later on, as he is showing some serious slur early on.

“Team Liddell” gets some personal questions answered from Coach Liddell, and all of a sudden the Tito vs. Chuck drama is officially on, and now, Chuck officially needs some sub titles because I didn’t understand a damn word he said.

Back to “Team Ortiz” with more official team punishment training.  If nothing else, Tito’s team will definately be able to spar and train for hours on end nonstop.  For Coach Ortiz’s birthday, they break out some pretty sissy looking cupcakes, but totally redeem themselves with a Chuck Liddell pinata stuffed with dollar bills.

During the weight cut, McKinney becomes the outcast, (like the green hair didn’t already ensure that), bitching and complaining to his teammates leading up to the weigh ins.

Official weigh in sponsored by the USMC… Semper Fi!  Both guys make weight with Noke weighing in at 186, and McKinney, complete with white “stunna shades,” at 185.5.

There is a lot on the line with Noke being “Team Liddell’s” number one pick.  The top guy getting beat could really swing the early momentum to “Team Ortiz.”

On fight day, Noke looks pretty relaxed, explaining that if he does not win the first fight, that he doesn’t deserve to go any further anyway. Enough of this already…

Fight time!

Round 1 – It’s Noke that scores first with an inside leg kick.  McKinney comes back with a kick of his own.  McKinney fakes the superman punch, and Noke comes forward with a feint of his own.  McKinney switches stances and lands a kick.  Back to a traditional stance for McKinney, then back to southpaw.   He’s trying to keep Noke guessing and so far Noke has been tentantive.  Noke comes forward and gets turned, McKinney goes for a big suplex, but Noke pulls guard, goes for a triangle but McKinney pulls out.  Another triangle attempt from Noke and this time McKinney is in trouble.  Noke pulls on the head and gets the tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kyle Noke defeats Clayton McKinney via submission (triangle), Round 1.

After the loss, McKinney walks out of the Octagon with Coach Ortiz asking for a minute of his time for some coaching.  Coach Ortiz takes the time to show McKinney how to escape a triangle attempt and wants to see him drill it.  McKinney gives in, does the drill, then breaks down.

Despite the loss, Coach Ortiz pulls the team together, showing some good leadership in the process.

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