Shane Carwin’s top ten MMA journalist rankings

Shane Carwin has turned the tables. Not only on the UFC’s heavyweight division, but now on MMA itself.

Carwin’s philosophy is that MMA fighters are always ranked by journalists, now the journalists will be ranked by the fighter.

Carwin says on his most recent blog post,

In MMA we are ranked by the journalist around us. This is my attempt to rank the journalists I have dealt with. These are my personal rankings and I look forward to updating them in the coming months. Admittedly, I have not and cannot remember all the journalists I have dealt with but these are the ones I read and respect their opinions.

He even invites the reader to submit their own journalist rankings. You can do that at

It appears Carwin plans to update these rankings from month to month, so if you are not on the list now, maybe it is time to step your game up (note to self).

MMA Journalist (this is not including blog sites)

  • 1) Jeremy Botter –
  • 2) Kevin Iole – Yahoo MMA
  • 3) Ariel Helwani –
  • 4) Mike Chippetta –
  • 5) Franklin Mcneil –
  • 6) John Morgan – MMA Junkie
  • 7) Dann Stupp – MMA Junkie
  • 8) Jeff Cain – MMA Weekly
  • 9) Ken Pisnia MMA Weekly
  • 10) Fight Magazine (will get name)

Honorable Mentions: Loretta Hunt, Steven Marrocco, Ben Fowlkes

Top 10 MMA Bloggers

  • 1) Zeus – (love the design and creative content)
  • 2) Tim Ngo
  • 3) Kris Karloski –
  • 4) Maggie Hendricks – CageWriter
  • 5) Brian Oswald – BleacherReport
  • 6) Jesse Holland –
  • 7) Turk –
  • 8) Kid Nate –
  • 9) Brian Leveick –
  • 10) Fightlinker –

Honorable mention The UGNews, MMAscraps, MMAopinion, Derek Bolander


  • 1) April Pishnia – MMAWeekly
  • 2) Esther Lin –
  • 3) Steve Ferdman –
  • 4) Tracy Lee – Combatlifestyle
  • 5) Flavio Scorsato – Flickr
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  • FresnoFreddie

    Leave it to the engineer to come up with something like this. If he wants to do it right though he should get a group of top fighters to vote. I like the philosophy behind it though… it’s mostly subjective.

  • This made me laugh

  • I mean seriously, Franklin McNeil can barely speak English.

  • Brian Oswald? That guy once trolled one of my MMA articles in the forums, then plagiarized it.

  • Billy trysr

    Shane said iole is on there because he took his wife to dinner, so these don’t mean anything

  • No love for “The Human Cock Fighter?” I thought I was a big deal…lol!

  • John

    Who cares what fighters think in regards to Journalist, Bloggers and Photographers? It’s like the ass clowns on MMA forums who list their favorite fighters at the bottom of each of their post – who cares?

  • arsoner

    Carwin is going to get mopped by Lesnar. His luck is about to run out.

  • No love for “The Human Cock Fighter” …and I thought I was great. However will I move forward without the love? My days are numbered for sure…I need to be alone…LMAO!

  • haha Brian, you are in my blogger top-ten for sure.