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Dana White UFC 111 video blog – 3-27-10

7 things you can learn from this video:

  1. If you work around Dana White you better have thick skin, cause you will get your balls busted.
  2. Dana is a fan of the Dead Kennedys.
  3. Dana loves Nate Diaz.
  4. Wilmer Valderama goes to UFC events even when Arianny isn’t working.
  5. Shaq wants to watch Lesnar vs. Carwin.
  6. UFC 111 was “beamed out” to 175 countries.
  7. Dana thinks Hardy will be a force at 170 once he tightens up “a couple of holes.”

If you missed the first few UFC 111 video blogs, you can check out ProMMAnow.com’s Dana White UFC 111 video blog archives: 3-22-103-23-103-24-103-25-10, 3-26-10

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