Miguel “Frankenstein” Torres

Earlier in the week, we showed you the war wound Miguel Torres received from Joseph Benavidez at WEC 47. Here is the photo after he got sewed up with 20 stitches. Miguel “Frankenstein” Torres!


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  • Rick Ross

    That is super Gnarly!!

  • Jimmy V.

    I still feel like Torres gave up in that fight, he was looking for a way out…. How does a high level bb in bjj get subbed like that?

  • well i don’t think Miguel gave up he just got beat. Brian Bowles gave up, he quit. Cruz made him give up.

  • Jimmy V.

    Really? It seemed like to me that Torres quit… I do agree that Bowles gave up too. Wonder if Cruz will be able to defend the title at least once. He looks pretty good at 135

  • myers

    Torres didnt quit, he got caught in a super tight guillotine. He tried to defend, Faber’s guys(especially faber himself) function on a very high level of submission grappling even if they are not ranked in bjj. I mean just off the top of my head I know Faber subbed Curran and Assuncao who are both blackbelts. Bowles on the other hand, quit.