Saturday, August 2, 2014
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Rachelle Leah returns to Octagon girl action on March 27th

NEWARK – Former UFC ring girl, UFC All-Access host, and Playboy model Rachelle Leah will return to Octagon duty for one night only on March 27 at UFC 111 in Newark, N.J. She will pick up those cardboard numbers and strut her stuff around the cage one more time to the jeers and howls of thousands of male fans (and some women).

What’s the special occasion? We’re not sure, and frankly, we don’t care. Do we really need a special reason to bring back the UFC’s sexiest ring card girl of all-time? Hell no.

Will current Octagon Queen Arianny feel threatened by the woman who has donned the prestigious Playboy cover? Sure, newest Octagon girl Chandella Powell has posed for Playboy too, but she was no cover girl! Take that bitches! Rachelle Leah returns!



  1. Now if we could just get an encore from Natasha Wicks…

  2. Could someone give me a link to Chandella powell’s Playboy pics? Can’t find them!

  3. Yeah she sure is UFC’s sexiest ring card girl of all-time.

  4. sillllllyyyy jobb…:P

  5. she’s fanplastic. i wanna sniff her fots.

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