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Gameness spotlight: Ed Clay – a interview

“Gameness Fighting Championship VI”  takes place this weekend in Nashville, Tenn., at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds Sports Arena. It will be the most stacked non-UFC event the state has ever seen. Pro MMA Now ( felt this was  the perfect time to talk to Gameness promoter Ed Clay about this weekend’s show, and what the future holds for GFC, Tennessee’s largest and most successful MMA promotion.

We talked to Ed about his Mom, Regina, who seems to be just as involved and well-known in the MMA world as Ed. We also discussed Ed’s academy, Nashville MMA, and the high level talented fighters that call it home. And we covered a lot more, so check it out. He’s too young to be this damn successful… Mr. Ed Clay.

Hey Ed, thanks for speaking with us at Pro MMA Now ( How’s it going man, you guys got a big show this weekend in Nashville with “Gameness Fighting Championship VI.” You got Team Lloyd Irvin coming in, you got Josh Schockman fighting. This is definitely GFC’s biggest card to date. Can you talk a little about what you got going on this weekend?

I think it’s an amazing opportunity for us to showcase to Nashville all the talent we have coming out of Nashville MMA and Team Lloyd Irvin. Josh Schockman is fighting in the main event, Dustin West just moved to Nashville from Vegas and this will be his first fight with our team, our head BJJ instructor, black belt Pan American BJJ champion Shawn Hammonds is fighting, Dustin Ortiz is making his pro debut, one of my recruits, Chris Camacho is fighting and my coach and mentor Lloyd Irvin is bringing four guys from Maryland to fight and is going to be cornering the guys with me, it’s going to be awesome! There’s other amazing fights on the card. IMA has a guy fighting as does Bobby McClain. These are no doubt the best fighters in middle Tennessee are fighting guys from all over the country. Nashville MMA and Team Lloyd Irvin alone have six of our pros fighting!

I think you have about eight pro fights on this card. Is this a one time thing, or can we expect this level of professional talent from now on with Gameness? What can we look forward to in the future with GFC and how many shows are you trying to do this year?

We are going to start doing pro shows for every GFC event. Our Silverados card will be ammy but we have so many guys that are ready to turn pro that we have to have pro cards. You can only hold them amateur for so long. Look at Dustin Ortiz for example; the guy is 7-1 as an amateur with his only loss he fought two weight classes above where he’ll fight pro. He beat Thomas Campbell who was Pro MMA Now’s Amateur Fighter of the Year and that was at 145. We were having him fight at 145 just to get him competition and he was still running through those guys. He’s fighting pro at 135 Saturday but that’s only because we wanted a competitive fight for him. At 125 he’s going to be an animal.

You got a couple of guys who have been tearing up the amateur ranks for awhile now making their pro debut on this card. Who do we have turning pro on this card that the fans should keep a look out for?

It’s good experience for the guys I have to fight amateur, but for my full time fighters, it’s really not much competition out there for them for experience and I like them to be able to fight amateur boxing and Muay Thai matches to sharpen their standup. We have one of the best BJJ schools in the country so on the ground it’s easy for them. Plus we set up gameplans for every fighter and when you’re fighting ammy’s a good gameplan is many times all you need to win.

As far as guys to look out for, Dustin Ortiz for one. He’ll be a top ten 125 pound fighter within the next two years. His job is to train and I take care of his bills. He’s training three times a day right now. He has a great work ethic and has an amazing gas tank. The kid is not messing around. His stand up is looking sharp, he’s trained with Dominick Cruz who’s one of the top 135-pound fighters in the world and he takes his lumps and keeps on coming.

Shawn Hammonds is fighting on this card which is going to be huge. Shawn is one of the top American BJJ guys out there and he’s our head BJJ instructor. Shawn’s a little old to start fighting but he’s got a ton of competition experience and could make a run over the next three years.

Dustin West just moved in from Vegas and the guy is tough as nails. He’s very coachable and has a great work ethic. His manager, Jeff has helped us out a lot and it’s great to have them on the team now.

Josh Schockman is the best local fighter in Nashville, outside of Dave Herman of course. Josh is a UFC veteran and has a 10-2 record. His standup is really slick and his BJJ has been getting a lot better. Plus he’s fighting at 205 and he no longer has to fight the giants at heavyweight. Josh is only 28 and can be a legitimate top 20 light heavy. He’s one of Brandon Vera’s sparring partners and can hang with anyone standing.

Chris Camacho is a recruit we have that moved here in October. He beat Guardian’s Jimmy Hayes with three weeks training. Jimmy has a black belt in karate and a blue belt under Guardian, which obviously didn’t do him any good. But Camacho is tough. He was a college football All-American and played briefly in the NFL. He’s cutting to 155 for this fight and is in great shape. I actually really think the kid has a bright future. He’s got a good attitude, great work ethic, and amazing athletic ability.

Right now our training room is ridiculous as far as talent level. The only serious people in the area are training at our gym. On any given day you can have 5 BJJ black belts, 20+ fighters, world and Pan American medalist in BJJ and pros that have fought on the biggest shows in the world including the UFC, Strikeforce, Sengoku, and Dream.

That is sick. Now that you have these top level guys, does Nashville MMA get a lot of fighters from around the area coming in who want to work with these guys who have fought on the big shows, and do you have other fighters from around the country coming in and training on a regular basis?

Well we have a lot of guys from around the country training on a regular basis. The best fighters in the world stop in on a regular basis to say hello and train. The other fighters in Nashville pretty much stay away. I think it’s one of those things where they’re a big fish in a little pond at their school and when they come into Nashville MMA they’re a small fish in a big pond. Someone who is average at our gym will make them look bad and that’s a hard pill to swallow for some. But really it’s the only way to get better. So I’d say we get more guys coming in from all over the country than the area. To me it just proves my point that the other gyms would rather talk about being this and that but really have no aspirations of fighting at a high level. It’s hilarious to me, some of the local fighters who go around talking about how they’re “UFC” fighters when they’ve just won small local amateur shows against guys who don’t train. They have a false sense that they’re actually good. Truth is they’ve been fighting tomato cans and wouldn’t last past the first round with anyone that had real skill or trained real MMA.

I even have some guys that train with me that are 4-0 or 5-0 that have a false sense that they’re good. I have to keep them in check because they think they’re a lot better than they really are. There’s a whole other level out there of fighters that they just don’t understand. There’s guys like Dave Herman that will make them look bad. I mean, Dustin Ortiz is a perfect example, he’s a real fighter and he just plays with guys at the amateur level. That said, I know he’s got a long way to go to be at the top. Other schools would already think that he’s ready. What do I do, I send him to go train with Dominick Cruz to see where he’s really at. Dominick of course beat him, but I was able to gauge the reality of where Dustin was really at. The next gauge will be when I send him to train with Mike Easton who is the UWC champ at 135 and is ranked in the top 15 in the world right now. No one else around here has access to that. No one has access to go train with Brandon Vera, Phil Davis, Rhadi Ferguson, or anyone on that level. They think it’s good when some TUF veteran comes in and trains. We just have a whole other level of training that people around here don’t understand because they don’t know any better.

That is smart to test them against established guys. Now with some of your guys turning pro on this card, I know you must be proud to see someone you have worked with for so long, and put so much time into, take the next step in their career, and really start their career, to where now they can make some money and start receiving compensation for their hard work. They have to be very happy, and you must be very happy for them to see how far they’ve come, and excited about where they are headed. How does that feel?

It’s a great feeling watching their hard work pay off. These guys train hard. It’s their job to train and they take it very seriously. The greatest part of my job is seeing someone make a goal in the beginning and be able to fulfill their goal. I have four guys right now who’s goal it is to become UFC champion. We have a set plan and we’re working toward it every day. It’s a team effort. We have people who move here from all over the country and they know up front what is expected of them and we work towards the same goal. I’m very goal oriented, so seeing these guys do well is the best part of the job.

Talk to us about Shawn Hammonds. He’s the jiu-jitsu coach at Nashville MMA. We interviewed him the other day and he said he taught you your very first armbar. The guy is a country singer with a record deal, he’s getting ready to make his MMA debut. He seems like a very interesting and talented guy… what kind of influence has Shawn had on you and how do you think he’ll do in his MMA debut; he said he is rusty in his stand up, but will he even need it?

Shawn Hammonds is one of my best friends. Most importantly he’s a great person. His BJJ is sick, he’s got solid wrestling, he’s strong as an ox and he’s mean on the mat. It is really cool that Shawn is fighting and something he’s always wanted to do. Everyone at the school is behind him and you’ve heard me talk about the team, well it’s a team thing so we’re all coming together as a team and rallying behind Shawn. Shawn can sing his ass off too if you like old country music he’s your man.

I do in fact like traditional country music. Of course I have to ask you about Dave “Pee Wee” Herman, one of the top rising heavyweight talents in MMA right now. How’s Dave doing and, I know he has a Sengoku fight coming up. How’s he looking and who is he fighting over there in Japan?

Dave is amazing. His fight in Sengoku just got canceled but he’s doing great. I’ve never met anyone like Dave. He’s the most athletically gifted person I know. I think within 18 months he’ll be considered one of the best in the world. Everyone who trains with him is amazed. I’ve brought a lot of good guys into train with him and they all are amazed. The guy can do things that you’d never dream of. He’s working on getting bigger now. I’d like him to get uo to around 260 and keep the same bodyfat. He kicks hard, knee’s hard punches hard his bjj is good and he has good wrestling. The guys has all the tools to be a champ. He’s just gotta put in the effort at this point.

Talk to us about Rhadi Ferguson, the 2004 Judo Olympian, who just announced he will be fighting in MMA. What can we expect out of Rhadi?

Rhadi is amazing. He’s a world class athlete with a great work ethic. The guy knows what needs to be done to be a champion and win. He’s a judo Olympain, has a doctorate and engineering degree. He’s got everything he needs to be a world champion. I only work with people that I like and think are good people and he’s a great person with good moral values. It’s really an honor to be working with him.

One thing I wanted to ask you about was your mom, Regina Clay. Tell us about your mom. How did she get so involved with the fight game? Did it start out as just a way to support what you were doing, because this lady is pretty amazing with everything she’s into? Give the readers an idea what I’m talking about, what are some of the things she’s involved with?

My mom is a great woman. I can’t begin to explain all the things she does for me, my business and the sport of MMA. Both her and my dad have supported me from day one and are the reason I’ve been able to build multiple multi-million dollar companies. We started with a $5,000 business loan and that was all we needed to build up everything we have today. It’s a great success story and we worked together to build this thing. I know that without my mom none of this would have succeeded. She runs things and deals with me being scatter-brained. I have so many ideas but sometimes it’s hard for me to explain what I want done and she figures it out.

If you look at all my business adventures, she has been a part of all of them. My parents have a belief in me and know what I’m capable of and just support me and let me run with the ideas. People don’t understand how I operate but my parents taught me that it doesn’t matter what people think of you as long as you are doing what you believe is right and are being a good person in your mind by doing this. I can care less what the general public thinks of me because I’m doing what I believe is the right thing. My parents taught me this and they are both amazing people.

That is really awesome. Yeah your Dad is really cool too, I didn’t mean to leave him out but he seems to be more behind the scenes. Thanks for taking time to speak with us today Ed. I know it’s an extremely busy week for you. Was there anyone you wanted to thank or send any shout outs?

I’d like to thank my parents, Lloyd Irvin for all the business support and friendship he has given me, everyone at Nashville MMA whether it be my students or staff, Eddie Bravo, Dan Lambert, Scotty Nelson, there’s just a ton of people who have helped me to get to where I’m at today. And thank you Jack for this interview.

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  • keyboardwarrior

    I love how first name: greatest is trying to call Ron a keyboard warrior but he won’t mention his name or credentials. So who’s the real keyboard warrior? lol

  • ed clay

    I agree the stuff about your wife is overboard and absurd.

    I’m stuck with 3 houses right now…

  • Ron

    Lol, Ed. I wouldn’t mind having that problem. I’m stuck with two houses. I really want to unload one in VA but the damn market won’t let me.

  • ed clay

    I’d like to unload all of them but the market is horrible… let me know if you’d like to buy one:)

  • ed clay

    whoever is writing this please chill with the comments on Ron’s family. A disagreement between Ron and I have nothing to do with his wife…

  • Thomas Campbell

    WOW…people are getting ruthless on here. It was all good and funny til they are talking about peoples families and making fun of a tradegic losses which we named our school after. I cant beleive they are even allowing this to go on here.

    Yeah I lost to Dustin Ortiz. Ed I wouldn’t say a decision is a dominant win especially since it was a good exciting fight which went on for all 3 rounds. yeah I’m mad I lost but at least I lost to a good fighter like him. I’m happy I did cause it only made me better. I’ve been training twice as hard, won twice as many fights, and recived so many different acheivements since then. I know if we fought now it would be another war that could go either way. I would love to fight him again but I’m not really even worried about him. It would be nice to revenge a loss and would be a great fight. If it happens it happens. If everybody wants to see it then we can do it. I’m always ready for a good fight. The only reason this even got brought back up is cause you had to try and make us look bad. I appeciate you saying that he does have a win over a great fighter like myself but dont think you had to insult anybody in the process. Are you really worried about ssf that you have to go and say something bad about us and try to make us look bad. You and every one else knows that we have a very respectable school with some of the best instructors in the area as well as having some of the most outstanding fighters. I’m sure Ortiz and Tidwell would agree because they were lucky enough to pull off TOUGH DECSIONS against us.

    And as to “First name: Greatest/ Last name: Ever”, you’re lucky you dont post your real name on here cause you would be the first one to get their ass whoopped.

  • promma

    For now we’re going to leave the comments open, because I think there is some interesting dialog going on (aside from the personal attacks). But no more personal attacks. Already banned one.

  • ed clay


    I mentioned you in the interview because I thought it was a good win for Dustin. I thought Dustin dominated the fight in being he was in no danger, controlled where the fight went and won every round. That’s what I was saying in my first couple comments but not trying to put you down if you read back. Ron got defensive and I’ve been laughing the whole time thinking this whole thing was funny. It’s really not even about you or Durr… I think your both good, I just think it’s funny how mad Ron gets. So I’ve been putting salt in the wound this whole time laughing at Ron getting mad.

    Then all the other hilarious posts. This has been a really funny thread… And btw congrats on all of your accomplishments this year. You have done great, stepped up and fought whoever. This has really been about me getting a kick out of making Ron livid on the computer. I’m sorry for knocking SSF. For me though when Ron comes at Nashville MMA and puts your schools accomplishements against ours, all I have to do is show the facts and records and mention that a couple of my guys beat you and Durr and he gets mad. The truth is I really don’t even care, I just know it makes him mad so I say it…

    Even with the Cory thing, I think Cory would have a good chance of beating you or Durr now but that’s not a knock on either of you. You guys could win too. But me saying that got him fired up and I was having fun and telling it like I saw it for the most part. Again I added some extra salt to the wound here and there but he kept getting so mad…

    Again, you and Durr are great you’ve done a good job this year and have a lot to be proud of. I’m sorry if I offended either one of you, I think you’re both great and have bright futures.

  • Ron


    That’s pretty funny because I was laughing the whole time too and if you go back and read my posts you can see that. I do feel like your mention of Campbell in your interview was a bit insulting, but to each his own. You clearly don’t agree. And, yes, I feel completely comfortable putting my team’s accomplishments against NMMA’s. Completely confident. My fighters records and our team accomplishments speak for themselves. They are facts as well. Anyway, this got out of hand with some haters attacking my family which is not acceptable to me. But, yeah, I have had quite a few laughs at some of your posts as well. Good to know that we get a kick out of each other, lmao. Just doing our thing up here and pushing my fighters. So far so good. Things just keep getting better. Take care.

  • ed clay

    It was an impressive victory because he was the fighter of the year… not meant to be disrepectful to Thomas. Funny stuff and good luck with everything. This made for entertaining dialogue for a lot of people!lol Time for bed…

  • Michael Grise

    This has made for some very interesting reading. Thanks for the text Ron but these posting are not by me. LOL
    Some of the people they were talking about, I don’t even know. However, saying and I quote “stomp you into a fuckin mudhole if I see you at any show” is a bit funny. The next show I will be at is March 5 in Paducah, KY. I have ignored several things going on and have even tried to help you. But, jumping to conclusions is taking it a bit far. Don’t make me come back to Clarksville and do shows again. You already know you lose that battle. If you did think you could win you would not ask “what will it take for you to pull out of clarksville”. Most of the post have some truth to them. If your a admin of this site like you say you are, look up the email to the poster that upset you. Other then that do your research before you send me stupid text. You know that you will not back them up. Also , who is this “JOSH” your talking about? By the way, it’s posted here because,,,, this is funny.

  • Ron

    Did look up the email and it was listed as stunner fight gear. And, SSF is still doing shows, you’re not. And, your old venue approached us to do shows there. And, you asked me to do show at your brothers bar in Hopkinsville, not the other way around. Still have those texts if anyone’s wondering. So not sure how you figure I lost that one. But to each his own. There were two emails used, one was Josh Shockman’s and one was Stunner, but both emails are linked to IP addresses that point to the Clarksville area. And, we know you had Shockman’s email address. Shockman said not to use his email again, he really doesn’t appreciate being brought into this by you. I know it was you or a couple of your idiot cronies, it’s the same rhetoric use always use. Lol, pretty funny to watch you back pedal now.

  • Nick Cascaddan

    Ron I got your back no matter what my friend, I know the right people we can make things happen if need to….lol.

  • Ron

    Lol, thanks Nick.

  • Michael Grise

    They approached you in clarksville because I gave them your number and told them you may be interested. I offered the bar in Hopkinsville because we are busy.

    What is the exact address for “stunner” and what server is it pointed to? Anyone can make an address if they have a server, but I use one particular type of server. Also I am not in the Clarksville area. My IP points to KY.

    As far as back pedaling, Back pedaling is when you talk shit about ed’s comments then kiss his ass a few comments later. I have made no stupid comments to you. I have on occasion offered opportunities to you that I could not utilize. Don’t take kindness for weakness.

  • Ron

    Lol, at Mike. I was making a sincere effort with Ed to calm this whole thing down because my wife was upset that people were attacking her. Hopefully, very few people saw all the things that were said about her and my children as they have been deleted. But she wouldn’t go to sleep bc she was worried the poster would comment again and it would be up all night for people to see. So, don’t mistake me trying to move this in a different direction for the sake of my wife as weakness. As most guys would who love their wives, I don’t like seeing her upset and once she became the target I felt a responsibility to protect her from more attacks.

    And, I’ve talked to several people about these “opportunities” you “offer” to me, which I’ve never taken you up on, and they have interesting things to tell me. I do feel pretty sure it was you or some of your friends, I have contacted the server companies and hopefully will here back from them regarding the IPs, until then there’s nothing more to talk about.

  • The entertained

    This is funny.

    First name/ Last name, congratulations for being the biggest idiot in this whole conversation. You are a stain on humanity and should be embarrassed with how stupid you sound. Do this thread and yourself a favor and STFU.

    Ron. I don’t think it is too much to ask for your guy to fight Cory in order to fight Dustin. Cory is a tough guy and one hell of a competitor, he is a world champion BJJ guy at the brown belt level.

    I think it is funny how the coaches on both sides are kinda comparing penis size and posturing, men and their effing ego’s. Funny how Dustin is silent on this. That says a whole lot about his character. He is a man of few words and lets his fighting do the talking for him. It is always the loud mouth coaches trying to puff up their fighters.

    I guess that is just the game though.

    Unfortunately, the game is stupid.

  • Michael Grise

    My name is MICHAEL not MIKE. There are enough Mike’s in the area. I hope you do find out who it is and take care of it. Has nothing to do with me. Just make sure you post it here that you found out and who it was. Gotta watch that “slander”. The first I have know this was this morning when i read your texts. When I ran across this thread there was nothing on here about your wife and kids. Therefore, I still do not know what your referring to. I have a family also and would not stoup low like that. They have nothing to do with anything. IF there is anything you would like to add you, josh and ed all have my number, text or call … no more posting here. Have a nice day

  • The entertained

    I have a solution:

    Cory vs. Durr and if he wins:
    then Cory vs. Thomas (he earned the right)
    If Thomas beats Cory:
    Thomas vs. Ortiz 2 (he earned the right)

    And then, hopefully Ed and Ron can quit comparing cock sizes.

  • Ron

    Ed has the bigger gym but I have the bigger penis ; ). Dustin, Durr, Campbell have all shown great character. And you are right this is stupid. Ed and I have two of the better gyms in the state along with Casey Oxindine, IMA, Memphis BJJ and a few others. Nmma and SSF is a Middle TN rivalry and it has always been good natured. We can’t compete on size but we do really well on quality of the fighters we produce.

  • Richard Mann

    “First name: Greatest/ Last name: Ever” you are ridiculous. Let’s put aside your comment for a second. The fact that your name is a quote from a cheesy pop song is rather disgusting.

  • Jeff

    I manage one of the best 170’s in the area…will that help my penis size any? Just wondering…shot in the dark…had to try.

  • ed clay

    I like your idea entertained. Of course I’d have to clear it with Cory. He also is fighting at 135…

    And just to be clear there’s a few jobs of the coaches/ management. I can care less about puffing my chest out but I want correct information to go out about our guys. In the end my job is to make Dustin as much money as possible. That includes stating our side of the facts when it comes to his fighting or including notable victorys in interviews like the one above.

    It got the response for Dustin I wanted…

  • Ron

    I like the set up as well. It would be cool if Thomas Campbell/ Dustin Ortiz fight could happen on the Strikeforce undercard.

    Ed is right about what his job is, I am doing the same thing for my fighters. We both have the same goals when it comes to our guys. Now let’s let this die for now so Ed’s camp and mine can hash out details for the fights.

  • rob helton

    I don’t think Ed is really comparing cock sizes to Ron. Just speaking the truth which always makes people feel uncomfortable. If Ed was to stay silent like people want him to he’d probably be out of business. It’s called marketing. If you ever want to get a lesson in it, ask Ed. Seriously he can break it down like no other.

    The guy co authored a book with Dan Kennedy on it. Has his own chapter. A lot of what is going on in these comments and his interview was spelled out in the book. Brilliant.

  • Ron

    Definitely agree that this sort of stuff can garner fighter’s attention. I’ve been getting calls all morning asking why so many people are using Thomas’s name to garner attention for their fighters, just told them it’s the nature of the beast. We certainly like to bring up notable fighters that Thomas beat, like the guys he fought in HooknShoot, when the opportunities come up. Once again, my problem was not at all with Ed mentioning the Campbell/Ortiz fight but rather the insinuation that Ortiz fought up a weight class for that fight when in fact he came down a weight class for that fight and the insinuation that Ortiz beat ProMMA’s fighter of the year. When they fought Thomas was not ProMMA’s fighter of the year, he was just starting out and was new to SSF and not the fighter he is today. It’s this sort of spin that makes people think his sort of marketing is in the grey. I don’t know how many times or how many ways to set the record straight, I just don’t seem to get anywhere, guess it shouldn’t bother me, all of us know it’s not true but Thomas has worked really hard to achieve what he has and I just think it’s shitty to try and make it look like something different then what it was. People believe what they want to believe. All I can do is hope that some people out there will take the time to read this and realize that Campbell (and Durr) are a couple of great guys with big hearts who deserve credit for fighting hard and being good at it. Not to be given back handed compliments.

  • ed clay

    gonna be on tapout radio live in an hour… listen in if you get a chance… Eddie Bravo, Dan Hardy will be on there also…

  • promma

    be sure to tell them about all the fun we’re having here at Pro MMA Now!!

  • promma

    In other news, debi purcell is gonna be on celebrity fit club tonight. it’s on right now actually. haven’t seen her yet though

  • Ron

    I’m going to be in Scrap Fight Magazine.

  • TheMad1

    One thing is for sure reading these comments…. We are supporting our local MMA and it’s fighters! That’s what it’s all about…

  • Ron

    Speaking of Debi, check this out
    She’s cool as hell.

    SSF is going to be the first Featured Gym of the Month for

  • Tim Clay Sr.

    I agree what you posted. “We are supporting our local MMA and its fighters.” That is for sure.

    Ron and Entertained
    As far as comparing penis sizes, We don’t do that at our gym. Maybe that is one of the reasons our gym is bigger.

  • promma

    I have seen that photo of Debi with your shirt Ron that is really cool. Did you guys used to sponsor her?

  • Ron

    Yeah, we did years ago. But when she fought in Japan she just put our name on a shirt because she is a friend and had space on her shirt. Like I said she is cool.

  • Ron

    I like this picture of Debi Purcell.

  • Ron
  • Johnathan Ivey

    When I stopped teaching at SSF, it was not because Ron didn’t pay me. Ron always paid me what i was owed and he always did it when he said he would do it. I have never said anything about that so i have no idea where that came from. When i stopped teaching at SSF it was because me and Ron disagreed on a couple different things. The biggest of which was how to teach the MMA program. My outlook was MMA class was only 60 minutes and i wanted all 60 minutes to be fight training (stand up, submissions, takedowns, etc.) and to leave it up to the people in the class to do cardio outside of that 60 minute window i had to teach them fighting skills. Ron wanted his fighters to be in great shape and to involve cardio drills and things during the class. I can see his point, but i had my own way of wanting to do things and i had already had a fight team that i took to a combined record of 49-16 so i felt good about my way of doing things. But Ron owned the gym, so i left. And i am VERY impressed with Ron’s guys that he has now so he knew something that i didn’t i guess. It never had anything to do with money at all. Me and Ron have had our ups and downs, but Ron has been there for me when he didn’t have too. He has nothing to gain by taking me under his wing, but he has. And i will never forget it. Ed Clay has always been very nice to me and he has been around this sport just as long as i have. I think Ed is very proud of his guys and I think Ron is very proud of his guys, and when you have two guys like that, that are involved in the same sport and that live this close to each other both of them are going to want to prove there the best around. Anyway i just wanted to clear up my part. Peace out guys.

  • Tijabi

    Who Are You Durr? 1 year later? I’m Bill Fay. I’ve been sidelined by injuries for more than a year… Do you really believe that you can sub anyone at NMMA? I would like a shot at your title…!??

  • Bill Fay

    Bums? What difference a year makes. I always thought you folks were friendly… I feel a little dirty and icky

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