Inside Sengoku – behind the scenes with Dave “Pee Wee” Herman

In case you’ve been in a cave, or in the shadow of Roy Nelson’s belly, Dave “Pee Wee” Herman knocked out his 13th victim (out of 17 fights) last week at Sengoku 11. Dave took on “Big” Jim York. For some reason during the fight, while both fighters were on the mat, “Big” Jim thought he would try and play with Dave’s feet. Dave was not into the “footsie” action and used his other foot to smash “Big” Jim in the jaw. “Big” Jim went night night. Lesson here: Don’t play with “Pee Wee’s” feet unless he gives you permission.

In the above video we get to see Dave with coach Ed Clay on fight day in Japan. We get to see a bit of Dave’s power as he does some warm ups with the pads. Herman’s only really been training since Feb. 2009; just imagine when this guy starts to really get comfortable with his technique.

Here is another video, after the jump, that shows Dave training. This one is also in Japan, but a couple days before his Sengoku fight. Pay special attention starting about the 5:20 mark – of course, you will have trouble NOT paying attention once you hear Dave’s kicks start landing. This dude has some serious power – and a bright future.

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