Dana White says B.J. Penn should not be fighting in Memphis; talks Henderson, Kimbo, more

In part one of this two-part interview UFC President Dana White discusses the stale mate between he and Dan Henderson in their contract negotiations. He talks about the rematch between Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin, the remote possibility of a Machida vs. Lesnar match-up, and the status of his relationship with Rampage Jackson.

Part two after the jump…

In part two White goes on to discuss Rampage pulling out of the upcoming Memphis card, and says that B.J. Penn should not be fighting in Memphis, Tenn. – meaning, that was supposed to be Rampage’s headliner. White is still using the “Kimbo bait” on TUF 10. He talks like something else is going to happen with him on the show. Junie Browning is briefly discussed, and more.

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  • dusty

    I know he has to say it but I remember several times while watching a UFC PPPv there was a fight in the crowd and nobody paid attention to the actual fight. Aaron Riley vs. Shane Nelson in particular.

  • d

    I’d like you to defend quoting a zuffa spokesperson, paid to lie, as if it were somehow relevant?

    This is news? Only if you’re a zuffa zombie.


    kill zuffa, that’s all