Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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CageDivas episode 3 – featuring Sarah Maloy

Laura McKinney, Kim Kasper and Miesha Tate

The CageDivas hit the PRO MMA (promma.info) radio network air waves talking Tussle Fight Gear and going in-depth with Projekt Label fighter Sarah Maloy. The ladies also discussed Gina Carano’s decision to venture into the movie industry and Miesha’s upcoming bout in CageSport MMA in her home town of Tacoma, Wash., on October third at the Emerald Queen Casino. The “Talking Threads” segment spotlighted Tussle Fight Gear and MMA newcomer Sarah Maloy talked about balancing family life with fighting and her unorthodox road to professional fighting.

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  1. The CageDivas make me this happy!

  2. Getting knocked out by your husband?! I hope you got to return the favor!

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