Yokota knocks out Schultz, Nansen knocks out Izumi – Sengoku 10 notes and commentary

Kazunori Yokota gets the knockout of the night at Sengoku 10 with a devastating KO of Ryan Schultz.

“Sengoku: Tenth Battle” took place Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009, at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. The event aired live on HDNet here in the U.S. beginning at 2 a.m. CT / 12 a.m. PT.

The highlight of the night was Kazunori Yokota’s huge overhand right knockout of Team Quest’s Ryan Schultz midway through the first round. Schultz has dropped his last three bouts.

The main event also provided some nice fireworks between Olympic judo silver medalist Hiroshi Izumi and Muay Thai specialist Antz Nansen. It was the MMA debut for both fighters, and Izumi made the terrible mistake of trying to stand and trade strikes with Nansen.

He absorbed several big shots and for a moment seemed to have a granite chin, but finally ended up flat on his but after eating a massive right hand. That was it and Nansen was awarded the KO victory just a couple of minutes into the first round.

Below are my notes and commentary on each fight. If you want more details check out PROMMA.INFO’s complete play-by-play.

Maximo Blanco (3-3-1) def. Tetsuya Yamada (4-1) by TKO Round 2
Yamada took Blanco’s back early in the fight but but could not hold it. He also had a slick leg lock attempt and a few other submission attempts including an arm bar in round one. In the second round Blanco landed a huge knee up the backside of Yamada right in the groin. Just a few seconds later the referee awarded Blanco the TKO victory. Blanco showed off his acrobatic skills with a few flips after the fight. At only 19-years-old Yamada will most likely be around for quite some time.

Joe Doerksen (43-12) def. Takenori Sato (9-7-4) by TKO Round 2
“The Voice” wanted to know why Sato or anyone for that matter would want to purposely dye their hair grey? Sato is a student of Sakuraba. Doerksen landed a big right hand that dropped Sato pretty early into round one. He tried to pound him out but Sato survived. Sato got a nice hip toss on Doerksen in round one but lost the advantage on the ground and Doerksen ended up getting the best of it.┬áSato attempted a guillotine just as round one ended. Doerksen clearly had the advantage on the feet. Sato is a very good grappler however. Doerksen got full mount in round two but Sato almost immediately reversed it and got top control within Doerksen’s guard. Doerksen got full mount again and the referee stood them up to their feet. That was the fatal move however as Doerksen landed a big combination that dropped Sato to the mat and ended the fight.

Dan Hornbuckle (19-2) def. Nick Thompson (38-12-1) by TKO Round 2
Dan Hornbuckle has finished 15 of his 20 opponents. In his last fight he knocked Akihiro Gono unconscious with a vicious head kick. “The Goat” came out dancing to “Kung Fu Fighting.” He trains out of Minnesota Martial Arts Academy with Lesnar and the boys. Both guys look very amped and happy to be in the ring. Gono is actually ringside commentating the fight for a Japanese broadcast. Hornbuckle started the fight with a head kick that was mostly blocked. Hornbuckle got a big slam. Thompson locked in a straight arm bar as Hornbuckle took his back and is looking for a rear-naked choke. The Goat spins and ends up on top. Hornbuckle escapes and lands a big elbow from the top. Hornbuckle lands some nice punches in round one. He seems to have the much cleaner striking. It’s a good first round. guy Mezger gives the first round to Hornbuckle and I would agree. The Goat has a cut over his right eye that’s producing quite a bit of blood. “The Voice” just gave a shout out to Gorgeous George and Goze at MMA Junkie Radio. That is so awesome. Hornbuckle tagged The Goat with a nice jab that wobbled him then finished him off with some big punches and a knee. Great performance by Hornbuckle.

Fabio Silva (12-5) def. Ryo Kawamura (10-5-2) by TKO
Silva is coming off a loss to King Mo at Sengoku 6 and Mo defeated Kawamura at Sengoku 7. This is a rematch. Silva gave Kawamura his first loss in 2007. Silva being very aggressive and lands some big punches and knees then tops it off with a ncie takedown and takes Kawamura’s back. Kawamura gets up and is defending well but Silva drops him with some big punches and continues the barrage until the referee is forced to step in as Kawamura’s corner simultaneously throws in the towel.

Kazunori Yokota (10-2-3) def. Ryan Schultz (20-12-1) by KO
The guys exchange punches and leg kicks. Yokota has his chin straight up in the air but he just nailed Schultz with a huge over hand right and knocks him out cold. Schultz is still unconscious nearly a minute later. Wow. This is crazy. Yokota says after the fight this is his first KO in Sengoku. He has not even checked on his opponent who could be dead for all he knows. Schultz is STILL NOT MOVING, ok now he’s moving. But he’s still on his back. That was huge. Shultz gets up to a sitting position. They may bring in the stretcher for him. Definitely KO of the night thus far.

Makoto Takimoto (6-5) def. Lee Jae Sun (5-5) by decision
You have to love Jae Sun Lee’s name. It reminds me of the pro skater turned My name is Earl superstar. Lee gets full mount and Takimoto gives up his back, Lee transitions to arm bar but Takimoto gets out. Takimoto goes for a guilllotine but Lee ends up in side mount looking for a kimura. Guy Mezger gave round one to Takimoto but was really impressed with Lee. Takimoto did have a great hip toss in round one. Takimoto was an Olympic gold medalist in judo. Trigg defeated him at Sengoku 4. Lee does a good job passing the guard in round two and even got full mount briefly. Lee lands some good knees to the ribs from side mount. Takimoto gets a good takedown but gets reversed almost immediately. Takimoto reverses, lands some knees to the head. Lee stands up as the bell sounds. Mezger gave round two to Takimoto as well. Takimoto maintained control most of round three but virtually did no damage.

Antonio Silva (13-1) def. Jim York (11-3) by arm triangle submission
Here’s the fight I’ve been waiting for, the big boys. Silva came strutting into the ring to Eminem. York has his chin straight up in the air. The boys are swapping leg kicks to start out. Silva shoots and gets the takedown. Silva has side control and lands a big knee that puts York through the ropes. Ref stands them up. York lands a jab to Silva’s chin. Silva fires back. Silva lockas up York’s body. Silva gets the takedown. Silva lands some hammer fists from half guard. Silva locks up an arm triangle and York taps out fairly quickly. Great win for Silva. Will Silva ever fight in the UFC? He says he wants to fight the best, the Barnetts and Fedors.

Antz Nansen (1-0) def. Hiroshi Izumi (0-1) by KO
Izumi won the Judo silver medal in the 2004 Olympics. Nansen is a street fighting, Muay Thai, and K-1 legend but is inexperienced in MMA. We have Izumi who is good on the ground going against Nansen who is a great striker. Antz looks very comfortable on his feet and is landing some good leg kicks and some nice punches. Izumi lands a big punch himself. Izumi has a great chin but ate a huge one that puts him on his back. Izumi recovers and tries to take Nansen’s back. Nansen gets to his feet and Izumi stands as well. It looks like Izumi is trying to say something to the ref, Nansen closes in and delivers one final blow that puts Izumi on his butt and that’s all she wrote. It was VERY foolish of Izumi to try and stand and trade strikes with Nansen.

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