Rampage beefin’ with King Mo

We haven’t got the whole story yet of how this all started, but it seems to boil down to the fact that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson thinks he can defeat King Mo and doesn’t like the fact that Mo doesn’t share the same opinion. Stay tuned, because we will get to the bottom of all this from Mo himself. Here’s the first of about seven videos filled with Rampage talking smack.

Who do you think would win between King Mo and Rampage and why? Post your thoughts below.

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  • KennyTruth

    It all started at the autograph signing when a civilian asked Page, Mo and Lashley etc who was the best fighter there….everyone said Rampage except for Mo. Mo basically said he can’t beat me.

    Rampage confronts him in the van about it with good reason. Its almost along the lines of respect your elders. I’m thinkin this is a little bit of Mo jealous of Rampage’s spot as they came from the same backround. Being promoted by the Japanese wrongly and fighting to stay afloat financially.

    This is mostly competative alpha male’s jawing because they are somewhat cut from the same cloth.