PURE COMBAT 7 free live webcast tonight

Do you want watch some quality MMA this weekend, but don’t want to shell out 50 bucks on the UFC PPV? UFC 96 is not the only MMA event going on this weekend and not everyone can afford to shell out $45-$50 for a pay-per-view. If that is the case for you, but would still like to watch some quality mixed martial arts action, PURE COMBAT: BACKYARD BRAWL takes place tonight, Saturday March 7, in Tulare, California. The event will be streamed online live and FREE at Sherdog starting at 7pm PST/10pm EST.

In the main event, UFC veteran Jason Von Flue (13-11-1) will take on Steve Ramerez (6-4). Former K-1 USA champion, Carter “The Beast” Williams (3-2) will be taking on Mike Cook (5-3). Williams has a win over the infamous Dan Quinn. A total of eleven bouts are scheduled.


Jason Von Flue vs. Steve Ramerez
Mike Cook vs. Carter Williams
John Reedy vs. Preston Scharf
Jesse Bowen vs. Maurice Eazel
Tony Juarez vs. Jimmy Dexter
Joe Morales vs. Carlos De Soto
Josh Herrick vs. Zack Trammel
Marc De La Cruz vs. Darren Crisp
Mike Craddock vs. Hector Alatorre
Chad Sutton vs. Eli Moreno
Nikk Covert vs. Billy Terry

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