Affliction M-1 Global: Day of Reckoning post fight interview: Bobby Green

PRO MMA caught up with Bobby “King” Green following his loss to Dan “The Upgrade” Lauzon. Despite the loss, Bobby appeared up-beat, confident and unfazed.

Bobby, as well as his trainer Frank Romero, addressed the several low blows that occurred in the bout, his experience of fighting on a big Pay-Per-View card and what he learned about himself as a fighter.

PRO MMA: Bobby it has been a whirl wind seventy-two hours for you. What has this whole experience been like?
GREEN: Man, if you watch the actual video footage you will see that I was like a little kid in there just running around crazy. I was seeing so many big stars. I only had twenty-four hours notice for this so it was just good fun.

PRO MMA: Was Dan a little bit stronger than you may have anticipated or was his strength where you would have thought it to be?
GREEN: Actually, I didn’t have an assumption of what I thought he would be. I just thought that I would take him as he was. I didn’t think he was strong at all or did anything special. He just caught me in a good little choke and I didn’t protect myself and that was it.

PRO MMA: A lot of fans in the crowd had different reactions to the low blows after seeing them in the screen. They appeared unintentional…
GREEN: (interjects) All unintentional…all unintentional. The first one was at the waist line. If you look at it real good. It was at his waist line and it didn’t actually hit real good. The second one was a knee when he was kind of close. I tried to aim for his stomach but, at the same time, he was hipping up. It caught him right in. The second one I was like, “OK, that one was me.” I admitted that one. The third one…I hit him right on that hip. I hit him right here on the hip and I felt my toes clip his hip. I felt that one and I was like, “OK…I felt that and it was not your (groin).” I would have felt the cup when I hit the kick! I was like, “Come on, man.”

PRO MMA: What did you think Lauzon was trying to do after the last shot?
GREEN: Dan was trying to find something to do because he didn’t know how to deal with me.
ROMERO: Some of the soap opera’s need to take a look at that footage and incorporate him into some of their shows. He is a pretty good actor.

PRO MMA: What did you learn about yourself as a fighter after fighting on this card?
GREEN: That I really need to work hard. This is the big boys now. Your messing with the big boys. It ain’t no games now! I was in there having fun, looking at the stars, laughing and shi*. This is not a game. This is big money, big shows, be serious. I need to focus more on the match…. so that’s my biggest thing.

PRO MMA: Thanks again Bobby
GREEN: No problem

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