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M-1 Challenge 2008 Finals (videos)

The M-1 Challenge 2008 Finals took place on January, 11th in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. Here are the videos from that event:

 [01] Hoon Kim vs Radmir Gabdulin

The rest of the M-1 Challenge 2008 Finals videos after the jump…

[02] Chang Seob Lee vs Toni Valtonen

[03] Seung Bea Whi vs Enoc Solves Torres

[04] Sang Soo Lee vs Ricardo Wondel

[05] Mikhail Malutin vs Bogdan Cristea

[06] Erik Oganov vs Romano de los Reyes

[07] Dmitry Samoilov vs Jason Jones

[08] Mikhail Zayats vs David Haagsma

[09] Aleksey Oleinik vs Jessie Gibbs, Mikhail Zayats vs David Haagsma

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