Corey Hill’s leg – photo

This has to be the worst picture in MMA history. Holy f*cking sh*t!!!! Corey was fighting Dale Hartt at UFC Fight Night 16: Fight for the Troops and as he threw a leg kick, Hartt checked the kick and Corey’s skinny shin’s made contact with Hartt’s thicker shin and something had to give. Maybe this is why tae kwon doe doesn’t use shin kicks.

Corey Hill gets a rubber leg for a good cause.
Corey Hill gets a rubber leg for a good cause.

(Photo courtesy of photographer Paul Thatcher and FIGHT! Magazine.)

One more pic…

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  • anti_sarkozy

    time to donate for corey

  • gilbert yvel

    Yah no shit man. They need an Intrepid Fallen Hero fund just for Corey. Holy Fuck that is just not right. Damn skinny shin osteoperosis havin….

  • gilbert yvel

    Is his foot ashy or is it just me? kind of like having a car wreck with dirty underwear. don’t get your foot chopped off with ashy toes.

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  • Hi you are the best mma photographer,what camera and lens do you use? your pictures are sharper than most. thanks Jeff

  • Photo is by Paul Thatcher of Fight Magazine.