“Octagon”- a would be book review

A new less expensive Octagon now available

By Denny “The Mad One” Hodge

If you visit the UFC site, you can still get your hands on “Octagon”, the collectors edition.  At $2700 is it really a shock that they still have it in stock?  The book is huge at 21.5″ x 27″, and weighing in at nearly 50 pounds.

 If you can’t picture just how big it is, take a look at the picture on the right.  Actually the book is now old news and has been fodder for many a keyboard warrior on popular MMA web sites and forums alike.

What is new about the book is that it will be re-released on December 15th for the retail price of $40. The new “trade” edition, is smaller, and was NOT hand-bound in Italy.

As an added bonus, it also does not cost $200 for shipping like the collector’s edition. This is much more interesting!  Amazon.com is actually taking pre-orders for just $26.40, which is a great deal for a hard back book with over 350 pictures in it.

The UFC is sending out fighters in multiple cities to promote the book, and to autograph copies of the book for fans.  Speaking of autographing a book… How in the hell would you carry the collector’s edition around to get IT autographed?

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