Tom Atencio getting married?

Tonight at the Strikeforce: Destruction event Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith was given the microphone after he made short work of Terry Martin making him kiss the mat face first.

Smith said a few words of thanks and then stated, “I wanted to say congratulations to my good friend Tom Atencio who is getting married to his life-long partner, Lance.” 

Tom Atencio is the Vice President of Affliction Entertainment who will be holding their next event on January 24, 2009 when Fedor Emelianenko will fight Andrei Arlovski in the main event.

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  • anastasia atencio

    Ok I swear on my life, Tom Atencio is my uncle. You do NOT have to believe me. But I am telling you, that dude that said that is his friend that always makes fun of him and stuff. You people are idiots to believe that crap but then again, he did have a straight face, and you don’t know him.

  • we know it was a joke now anastasia but when Scott Smith said it, he made it sound very legit. The article does not say we believe it, it does not say it is true or not, Notice the question mark in the title? All the article does is report what Scott said, so to call us “idiots” is really uncalled for.

  • Lea

    What happened to Mary? I used to work with her anastasia