Houston Alexander explains loss

…well sort of.  You would think by now maybe Houston would say, “You know what, I really need to focus mainly on my ground game.”  Instead, he says, “I just made one mistake.”

The guy has great standup and ferocious striking but every single time it goes to the ground everyone knows what is coming now.  The UFC deserves applause for not protecting him.  I thought it was a great match up to put him in there with a BJJ black belt to see how far Houston’s overall game had progressed.  He’s an exciting fighter with great personality; he would make a great champion and representative of the sport.  But he is going to have to make some dramatic changes.  It really makes fans who are rooting for him angry to see him blow such great potential.

Houston Alexander lost last night in his hometown of Omaha Nebraska against Eric Schafer at UFC Fight Night 15. Here is are the results for the entire card: UFC Fight Night 15.

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  • JC

    Yup, the guy’s got it all: great stand up, decent TDD, great attitude, great story in and out of the ring, he comes to entertain, fight, and leave it all in the ring… sadly, his ground game is his achilles and leaves him as defenseless as a tortoise… there is no excuse for him to not become competent on the ground. If he committed the next 9 months to nothing but ground essentials, he’d be a top 15 lhw.

  • EB

    JC said it perfectly. Well said.