Results of “This is SHIDO!” 7 in Germany

Results of the Fights at “This is SHIDO!” 7 on September 28th 2008 in Stuttgart:

Fight 1, Men -70 kg Preliminary Match: Marco Stojanovic (Kamikaze Dojo Nürtingen) vs. Raphael Michels (Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Prüm). Winner Rahphael Michels after 4:10 minutes in round 1 by Front-Choke

Fight 2, Men -84 kg Semifinal Match: Björn Lubach (JKD Villingen-Schwenningen) vs. Michael Heist (Sakura Dojo Lossburg). Winner Michael Heist after 0:50 minutes in round 1 by Triangle-Choke

Fight 3, Men -84 kg Semifinal Match: Loic Marty (French Top Team) vs. Igor Montes-Kircher (Team German Oak Stuttgart). Winner Igor Montes-Kircher after 2 rounds by Unanimous Decision 3:0

Fight 4, Men -70 kg Semifinal Match: Marshall Ferris (Craig’s Jiu-Jitsu/USA) vs. Miroslav Neralic (Sakura Dojo Lossburg). Winner Miroslav Neralic after 2:37 minutes in round 1 by Armbar

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Krazy Horse, you got choked the F out maaan!

by:  Cory Brady

Many of you hardcore mma fan’s out there may recall Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett telling a wild tale about getting mercilessly jumped at the hands of Chute Boxe after the PRIDE Shockwave 2005 event. According to Krazy Horse he knocked Wanderlei Silva out cold after he woke up from the “brutal jumping”.  I guess Krazy Horse didn’t anticipate that the entire event was caught on tape when he made those outrageous statements. As you can see in this video, his story just doesn’t hold weight.

Cristiano Marcello has a few choice words for Krazy Horse to which Krazy responds by bullrush tackling Marcello. As evident in the video all the members of Chute Boxe respectfully step aside and let the two fight it out amongst themselves. Needless to say it doesn’t end very well for Krazy Horse and all that talk about knocking out The Axe Murderer after he woke up, well let’s just say we’re not buying it.

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Gina Carano talks Kelly Kobold and Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos

Gina Carano talks with Sherdog’s Loretta Hunt about her upcoming fight with Kelly Kobold and also discusses a possible future fight with Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos. If Carano can get past Kobold, many people think she may meet her match against the Chute Boxe Cyborg, Cris Santos. These girls are bringing some of the most exciting … Read more

Kelly Kobald – Back with a Vengeance – PRO MMA Exclusive Interview

by: Cory Brady

Kelly Kobald is preparing herself for the biggest fight of her career. A fight that in many people’s opinion would never have happened had she won her last two fights. On October 4th, Kobold will face poster-girl for female mixed martial arts, Gina Carano, on the main card of EliteXC’s CBS Saturday Night Fights.

Kelly went on a tear through female mma going undefeated in her career until problems on the homefront caused inevitable distractions that played into her fist two defeats. With all the drama long behind her, Kelly has had a year to refocus on her career and looks to make all of those that expect Gina to walk through her some very unhappy campers.

PRO MMA had a chance to catch up with Kelly and talk with her about how she feels she matches up with Gina, being the underdog, and shocking the world.

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Historic MMA Fights: Chuck Liddell vs. Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons

PRO MMA brings to you another segment of Historic MMA Fights. This edition features Chuck Liddell in his only recorded bare knuckle match. His opponent is Jose “Pele” Landi-Jons and the fight took place at the International Vale Tudo Championship 6 – The Challenge in San Paulo, Brazil on August 23 of 1998. This fight just had it’s tenth-year anniversary about a month ago; ten long hard years Chuck Liddell has been battling it out. This fight had one round only, but that round lasted for thirty minutes.

Believe it or not, there are times in the fight when you would think Liddell was strictly a lay and pray or possibly a ground and pound fighter. Liddell has numerous take downs in the fight and uses quite a bit of wrestling, which is something he has completely gotten away from. Sit back, grab a drink or a snack and enjoy watching one of the Historic MMA Fights back when rules were seen as a hindrance.

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UFC 91: Silva vs. Cote in-depth video

On Saturday October 25, Anderson “The Spider” Silva will defend his UFC Middleweight Title against Patrick “The Predator” Cote in Chicago, IL at UFC 90. Few people are giving Cote a chance. However, most hardcore’s know that in this sport, on any given day, any of these top level professional fighters can take home the … Read more

Photo of Tanner’s campsite a metaphor

by:  Jack Bratcher

If a picture speaks a thousand words, this picture could possibly be looked at as a metaphor for Evan Tanner’s life.  When most people go camping for days at a time you would probably expect to see many more “necessities” at their campsite.  However, the word “necessities” meant something completely different to Evan Tanner than it does to most people.  In that regard, combined with his philosophy on life, Evan Tanner was somewhat of a modern day mystic.

This photograph was published today in the San Diego Union-Tribune.  It is a photo of Evan Tanner’s campsite.  Keep in mind this camp is in the middle of the desert; there are no shade trees, no running water, and over 100-degree heat.  Evan had all that he needed there.  He had his shelter, bedding, a folding chair, and transportation.  Also found were some sunscreen, a highlighter, and a notebook.

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World Victory Road’s SENGOKU 5 results

World Victory Road’s SENGOKU 5 took place yesterday in Tokyo, Japan at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium. Here’s how things went down:

Main Card

  • Muhammed Lawal (1-0) defeats Travis Wiuff (53-12) via TKO (R1)
  • Xande Ribeiro (1-0) defeats Takashi Sugiura (1-3) via TKO (R3)
  • Jorge Masvidal (13-4) defeats Ryan Schultz (20-11-1) via TKO (R1)
  • Kiuma Kunioku (33-22-9) defeats A Sol Kwon (5-4) via unanimous decision

First Round of the Middleweight Grand Prix

  • Yuki Kondo (50-22-6) defeats Yuki Sasaki (21-15-1) via submission (rear naked choke – R2)
  • Siyar Bahadurzada (14-3-1) defeats Evangelista Santos (16-12) via TKO (injury – R1)
  • Jorge Santiago (18-7) defeats Logan Clark (11-3) via submission (arm triangle choke – R1)
  • Kazuhiro Nakamura (12-8) defeats Paul Cahoon (10-12) via unanimous decision

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RITC 116 – A Night of Finishes

Rage in the Cage held it’s 116th event last night at Tim’s Toyota Center in Prescott, AZ. As usual the action was furious and not a fan in attendance left the arena disappointed. Rage in the Cage’s lightweight and heavyweight titles were up for grabs in a night that saw only one of ten bouts … Read more