Don Frye – An American Bad Ass

by: Cory Brady

Don “The Predator” Frye is among the last of a dying breed. A real all-American bad ass. Believe it or not, Don actually ended up fighting for nothing but the love of fighting in his first bout, when the fighters pay fell through at the last minute. Don could have just turned around and went back to where he had come from, but he stepped up to the plate and the rest is MMA history. Don has fought all over the world in every elite fighting organization including UFC, Pride FC, K-1, Deep, King of the Cage, and more.  The man is nothing short of a living legend in MMA.

As we began our conversation Don started talking about possible retirement and I wanted nothing more than to change the subject. After the countless MMA memories Don has provided for all of us, I could not fathom this man they call The Predator really stepping away for good. Don will be one of those guys that people will miss more when he’s gone, unfortunately. If Don does decide to hang up his 5 oz. MMA gloves for good, we at Pro MMA would like to thank him on behalf of countless fans for all of the timeless memories this extraordinary athlete has provided for us. Thank you Don.

PRO MMA recently spoke with Don and covered numerous topics such as his recent submission defeat to Ikuhisa Minowa, Don Frye ringtones,  his acting roles along side some of the biggest names in Hollywood, and sadly, even his possible retirement from the sport.  Show respect to this legend.  I give to you, Don “The Predator” Frye.  (note:  The audio to the interview is at the bottom if you would like to listen as you read along)

Pro MMA: What can you tell us about your recent fight with Minowa at Deep- Gladiator?
Don: Well, he whupped my ass, you know. He came in ready to fight and I didn’t and he got the better of me. He took it to me.

Pro MMA: Do you any plans on returning to coaching or opening up your own gym any time soon?
Don: No I never will. Neither one of them. No desire for either one.

Pro MMA: You kind of got a bad taste in your mouth from the whole IFL Scorpions thing?
Don: Yeah, that was one of the worst years of my life.

Pro MMA: I attended your fight with Ruben Villereal at KOTC: Predator in 2006. Can we expect you to fight here in Arizona again?
Don: Well I shouldn’t have fought Minowa, you know. After I fought Bryan Pardoe last year I should’ve walked away. I screwed around and took the Minowa fight when I shouldn’t have, so I don’t know if I’m going to keep fighting or not. I’m just kind of licking my wounds for a while and then I’ll make the decision after that.

Pro MMA: Is there any truth to the rumors that you may be fighting Kimbo at an upcoming EliteXC event?
Don: I’ve never heard that. Nobody’s ever talked to me about it partner. I was talking about it before this fight with Minowa but now, hell, I don’t think anybody would pay a nickel to see me fight now.

Pro MMA: Dear Don was a HUGE hit with mma fans around the world. What goes on during “Don Frye’day” on the Tagg Radio Show?
Don: Well I think I got fired by them too. I haven’t heard from them boys in about three or four weeks. I must have made somebody really mad about a month ago so they haven’t called me back. We had a good time with the Don Frye’days and the Dear Don, it was a good time. (Editor’s note: Don Frye’day is still in full effect at TAGG Radio. Don answers advice questions on the air from fans.)

Pro MMA: I noticed you finally have your own website up at What made you finally break down and make one?
Don: My wife did that. She held a gun to me and forced me to do it. I had no choice in the matter, you know.

Pro MMA: Yeah, I figured as much, I read that it formed over some “brutal negotiations”.
Don: Yeah if I ever want to get in her pants again I better get with the program.

Pro MMA: I hear you man.
Don: Brutal negotiations right there, I’ll tell you.

Pro MMA: So I saw that you recently had a role in Rob Schneider’s new movie, “Big Stan”. How was it working alongside Rob Schneider?
Don: That boy’s funnier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. He’s a blast. All the crew, you know everyone’s laughing. You know it’s a prison movie so all the extras on the set were ex-prisoners. So all the guards knew them, they were like, “Yeah I had that guy on my block”, you know. All these ex-prisoners, they all loved Rob, you know, they were getting ready to riot a couple days, you know. Rob just had them wrapped around his little finger. They just loved him, they did everything that boy wanted.

Pro MMA: So this will mark the second movie that you have been cast as an aryan brother. What’s that all about?
Don: Well, I guess it goes along with me being a minuteman down on the border. Protecting the border from illegal aliens. If the shoe fit’s wear it I guess. I just did a movie with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale earlier this year up in Wisconsin. It’s called Public Enemies. It’s about John Dillinger and I’m a Texas Ranger so it’s not an aryan brother but it’s close enough. You know this one and the Rob Schneider movie’s were the first ones that I didn’t end up getting fired.

Pro MMA: What other movies can your fans look forward to seeing “The Predator” in?
Don: Apparitions. I worked on Apparitions a couple years ago. It’s an independent film, Mark Archer Hollywood productions. We’re hoping that will come out later this year or later next year. That’s going to be a really good sci-fi movie.

Pro MMA: It seems like your acting career is really blowing up right now. With movies alongside Rob Schneider and then Christian Bale and Johnny Depp back to back it must seem like a dream come true.
Don: Yeah, you know, my movies come out in the theatres, you know, Randy Couture and Bas Rutten, their movies are in the 99 cent bin at Wal-Mart.

Pro MMA: Well Randy had a little role along with you in Big Stan didn’t he?
Don: Is that who that was? I thought he looked familiar.

Pro MMA: So you’re huge in Japan.
Don: Hell yeah, I’m a foot taller than everyone else.

Pro MMA: Did you ever have any idea that one day hundreds of thousands of Japanese people would have your voice as their ringtone?
Don: Now is that funny or is that funny?

Pro MMA: Yeah, I just read today that hundreds of thousands of Japanese people are walking around with your voice as their ringtone. I need to get a Don Frye ringtone.
Don: Yeah, well you have to be man enough to carry it around, you might shit your pants if you’re not.

Pro MMA: Will I have to grow a mustache if I download that ringtone?
Don: I don’t think you can grow a mustache. (Here Don Frye hurls a mom joke at me which I can’t understand but I think it’s hilarious that Don is cracking on my mom. He laughs right in my face.)

Pro MMA: What other Don Frye merchandise is selling well in Japan?
Don: You know, I don’t get a penny for the ringtones, I don’t get a penny for the t-shirts or the dolls or the action figures or anything.

Pro MMA: Well that’s crap.
Don: Yeah, I had a bad agent. Signed it all away and never even got a thank you.

Pro MMA: Well then who cares about the merchandise in Japan? Screw that stuff.
Don: Right, I need to get a better agent, you know.

Pro MMA: What does the future hold for Don Frye?
Don: Well hell, I like the acting. You have to work 12, 16 or 18 hours a day but it’s the easiest money I ever made. I’m not getting punched in the face repeatedly.

Pro MMA: It definitely has it’s positives for sure.
Don: Yeah, you get fed, treated good, hell, you can’t beat that.

Pro MMA: Hey Don, thanks so much for your time, are there any sponsors you’d like to thank before I let you go?
Don: I don’t have any sponsors partner. Nobody wants to dare put my name on their company.

Pro MMA: Everyone’s scared to sponsor you, huh?
Don: Yeah, because I offend people because I tell them the truth and I tell them what I think. The sponsors don’t want that, you know.

Pro MMA: Alright Don, I’m going to let you go, thanks for all of your time, we really appreciate it.
Don: Alright partner.

Thanks to TruPlya for his audio/technical expertise.

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