August 8 has Men & Women’s MMA Action in Las Vegas at TUFF-N-UFF

by:  Jack Bratcher

On Friday, August 8th, 2008, TUFF-N-UFF will showcase a men and women’s amateur Mixed Martial Arts extravaganza in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Orleans Hotel and Casino.  Founded in 1994, TUFF-N-UFF received one of the first mixed martial arts promotional licenses in Nevada.  They have also had a huge influence on providing credibility to the amateur MMA scene by being the first promotion to receive sanctioning from the Nevada Athletic Commission.  Barry Meyer, President of TUFF-N-UFF, said, “We did the ground work making several presentations to the Nevada State Athletic Commission and received the official amateur approval,” Meyer said. “It was tough, but it was worth all of the hard work to provide a place for the future stars of MMA to shine.”  TUFF-N-UFF held their first event in 2003 and featured quite a few fighters who have gone on to make names for themselves and appear in the UFC.  Fighters such as Sam Morgan, Rob Emerson, Shonie Carter, and Jon Fitch have all fought in the TUFF-N-UFF organization.

If you are in Las Vegas this Friday August 8th and want to check out some true hardcore Mixed Martial Arts action and get to see the type of show where all of the great MMA fighters you know got their start, then hop on over to the Orleans Hotel and Casino for TUFF-N-UFF.  You can be guaranteed some great fights with such MMA gyms as Xtreme Couture, Legends MMA, and Cobra Kai being represented.  Tickets for the event are currently on sale and priced starting at only $25. To purchase tickets, please call The Orleans Hotel & Casino box office at 888-365-7111 or visit the event website at Las Vegas Nutrition Centers across the Las Vegas Valley have tickets available at a discounted rate. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and the first bout is set to begin at 7:00 p.m.

Here’s what the card looks like:
Susannah Clayton vs. Evva Johnson
Karina Hallinan vs. Maria Witt
Christy Tada vs. Amber Molinari
Chris Brady vs, Ike Kaahanui
Kyle Atkinson vs. Kimo Yadao
Jimmy Jones vs. Marco Scolari
AJ Cessario vs. Odis Alex Ruiz
Richard St. Claire vs. Johnny Lee
Tony Martinez vs. Justin Linn
Byron Fields vs. Levi Parrish
Junny Urbaez vs. Justin Cheeks
Chance Torres vs. Jeff Restivo
Omar Carter vs. Javier Torres
Eric Bosley vs. Chris Engles
Dennis Lekgergi vs. Coates Cobb-Adams
Weston Duschan vs. Darrell Matos

Stay tuned in to PRO MMA for results and a summary of August 8th’s TUFF-N-UFF event.

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